Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 26/10/15

Half Term. No School this week
Monday 26th October – 7pm – The Flatts, Thirsk

Just behind the pool (park at the sport centre). No need to bring head torch.

Wednesday 28th October 6.20 pm (prompt) we leave Thirsk Market place to RAF Linton

For those still wanting to go and have not put your name forward then 7pm Mon is your last chance to book a place!! Steve will have to put your name forward to collect a pass. Showers are available and we will be calling for supper on the return journey.

Sunday 25th October

2nd cross country fixture at Acklam. You can run in any shoe you feel comfortable in on this course but it is probably too early to fit spikes if it is dry, merely due to the fact it is a long one (6.2 mile for the men). For the ladies 3.5mile makes it just a little longer than a parkrun so just go out and enjoy it.

A note from Rob…

Just at the moment I’m feeling a little bit delicate. What with Monday (quads) and Wednesday (Abs) I ache just about everywhere but pleased with the fact that I could just about manage everything Sam and Pete threw at us. 7-8 weeks into our autumn build up is just about where I’d hoped we would all be. You should all be feeling just that little bit stronger with your running too. Yes, last night was hard but fun also. Where else could 50-60 grown ups roll around on the grass in the dark and call it training!!

I’ve also noticed one or two other little changes!! Last night I was drying myself off after training and I just happened to glance in the mirror and there it was for all to see, it stood out a mile and I started to get excited and even just a little emotional. I shouted for Christine to come through and bring the camera. After all these years, at last I have my very own six pack. I suppose now I’ll have to shave my chest and go down to Barkers this weekend and buy some of that after shave that’s advertised for Real Men. My Grandma always used to say I always looked like a sparrow with diarrhoea but not any more. I’m now a sparrow with a six pack and if only she was with us now how proud she would be. Gosh, it does ache.

See you Sunday, Rob

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