Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 23/03/15

Sunday 22nd March.   Thirsk 10.  

By now you will have all been given your orders and everything is going just fine. Last year we had a 100% turn out of volunteers which made Phillip very happy, lets keep him happy again this year. Almost 1200 entries and entries are still going to be taken on the day so it looks as though we are going to have record entries and hopefully finishers. I know TSH have quite a few entries so please wear your vest, you can expert a loud cheer from all the marshals and locals alike. It would also be appreciated if you could also help afterwards to clear away and lets leave the race course just how we find it. We are lucky to have such a good venue for our event. Fran has booked the Raj on long street for the Sunday night, if you have not put your name down and you want to go please send her an email ASAP.


Monday 23rd March. 7pm School Gym.  
This is the last week of indoor training and Sonja promises some more strenuous exercises.

Tuesday 24th March. 7pm Athletic Club. 

Wednesday 25th March. 7pm.
School Sports hall. This should be time trial week but as the 1st of April is the Easter handicap we will have the full session in the hall as normal. This is also the last indoor session of the winter!

Outside group.    4 x 5mins/ 2 mins Rec.

 Just spare a though for Fran who on Saturday is running 55 miles. That’s almost like running from Northallerton to York and back and that’s not counting the hills. Keep taking the jelly babies Fran and it doesn’t matter if you don’t quite make the start on Sunday.

Marian, everything will be fine. Just enjoy the day and be proud of what you and your team have achieved.

 See you all Sunday,

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