Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 21/12/15

Monday 21st December – 7pm – Flatts (Next to Thirsk Swimming Pool)

Similar to last week. This will be the last training session this festive season.

A note from Rob…

Now is the time to start planning for next year and this is what I have been thinking!!!

The last monday gym session we did (37 mins RAF) was probably the hardest group session we have ever done on a monday and I was impressed at how you all stuck at it throughout. No walking, no talking and I hope you were happy with how fit you have become. Equally, the core work and especially the hip and strength work on the wednesday nights has all added to improvements all round. No wonder the times at the handicap show dramatic improvements.

The challenge would be to start the next term at just a slightly higher intensity than normal and trying to reach an overall higher level when Easter arrives. Let me know what you think. I just think that with coaches giving us such brilliant training sessions it is too good an opportunity to miss to get to the next level.

Never limit the extent of your dreams!

At this time of year I always cut out all gym work and reduced my mileage by about third for 3-4 weeks. If I do any runs it is all tempo stuff and I enter as many races as I can. After a 12-14 week block of intense training I have always felt my body needed a rest but it also needed some sort of reward so I would race. Racing when the body and mind are fresh can give you up to a 5% improvement with no extra effort. 3-4 wks later I would be ready to start to build once more and off we’d go again. All this fits in with the winter training session at Harriers.

On a little sad note Christine’s Mum passed away yesterday and a few of the earlier members may remember her help Christine serve teas and soups at cross countries and at the Thirsk 10 in the past. Just at the moment we don’t quite know what we are doing but we had hoped to run the JHJ and Captain Cooks and on the back of my handicap run I was going to try and run a sub 20 at a parkrun. Just at the moment running doesn’t seem important but I’m sure we’ll bounce back soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas, take care and we’ll see you soon, Rob

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