Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 21/08/17

At Last!!!

Baby Millar has arrived. A beautiful little girl but at the moment has no name. Are we all guessing what her name might be? Congratulations to Claire and Bryan, membership form and club vest will be in the post shortly.

Monday 21st August . 7pm Atheltic Club.  After last weeks hill reps we will be on the level once more.

Beginners group.  wk 12/13. Congratulations on your commitment, you have all done well. Once again i hope you are proud of what you have achieved. Remember we will all be cheering you on at Sessay this coming Wednesday night. Please remember to smile, it’s supposed to be fun! I think Andy will be running with you so please make sure you wait for him!
Wednesday 23rd August.  7pm.  Sessay Swift 6k ( not mile) No club training today.  Club championship race. This is a flat/ fast course.  Once you arrive back in Sessay there is 1k to go. You will be left thinking it is probably the longest village in Yorkshire so be careful when you put in a burst of speed to get to finish because 1k is a long way when you are tired. Build up speed gradually. Good Luck.
Marian may still need a little help so if you are free a job will be found so please step forward!! If you have not yet entered then do so ASAP, it is filling up fast. Once you have finished then we need to jog back along the village and encourage those who are on there first run, they will need our help. Lets hear some noise.!
Gosh, last night was a bit of a rush but it went ok. A lovely warm night, a flat course and only three runners not getting a seasons best. The strong wind seemed to be in favour for a majority of the way, quite how I don’t know but it was. Congratulations to Marian who took the trophy, to Andy and Steph for taking the minibuses and to Duncan for working out the handicaps. Perhaps we can make sure he gets to run next time!
It’s good to get to the end of a 12wk block of training, especially when everything you have tried or done has turned out better than you feared it might. I have maybe had to swop a couple of sessions around a bit but I’ve not missed one and all in all it’s gone well. I feared I would lose some speed ,especially with all the climbing I have done lately but I’ve not. I am happy at where I am. All I now fear is the heat because rumour has it that where we are going it was 37C a few days ago. I only hope the organisers may take pity and we can run it at night!!
Have a good weekend and see you all on Monday or  at Sessay, Rob

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