Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 21/08/16

Monday 22nd August. 7pm Flatts. ( a race meeting tonight!) Just behind the swimming pool.

This is the last training session for Sune, I secretly asked her to make it a hard one but she doesn’t always listen to me. We are going to miss her and wish her all the best for her future. I’m sure she will be back from time to time.

Wednesday 24th August. 7.30pm start. Sessay Swift 6.

This is a club championship race so lots of points are out there to get. There will be no training tonight. If you are injured or fancy a job then just drop Marian a line, you will soon be put to use.

Monday 29th August. 7pm Athletic Club.

Something will happen but just at the moment I don’t know quite what!!

Wednesday 31st August. 7pm Athletic Club. Summer handicap. ( start 7.20)

Stop watch Steve will have a time worked out for each one of you on the night, we just have to wait a while and see what it is. The course will be on the track behind the squash courts, we used it for a time trial a couple of months ago. It is mostly flat (actually, It’s all flat) which most of you will be pleased with but it does narrow up a little 50 metres either side of the turn around point, I don’t see a problem with this but I’m just letting you know. Race course Steve is busy polishing the trophy for the last time ready to hand over to this years winner!! ( sorry Steve) Please bring along a few nibbles for the presentation in the Club house shortly afterwards. There will be a prize for each person who runs, helps and generally just turning up. This is a fun event!!

Now it’s back to the Olympics. It’s good to see all these athletes not just competing but actually winning, I’m not too worried about what I watch but I do like it when we win. In a couple of nights time Mo goes for the second time, soon maybe I can get back to a proper nights sleep. Remember last week we had the Grand Kids, I suggested to them that it would be a good idea if we sat down and watched Rio to which they agreed. Apparently there is a parrot called Rio, not exactly what I had in mind!!

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