Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 16/11/15

Monday 16th November – 7pm- Thirsk School Gym.

RAF circuit similar to 2 weeks ago. Now up to around 35 minutes so I think you can proudly say you have reached another level.

Wednesday 18th November – 6.55pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

We only have a couple of weeks left this term due to the school using the sports hall for other functions in December. As the hall is empty before we use it I was hoping you could all come 5 minutes early ie. 6.55. Peter wants to give us all a little more time and it will also mean that the group who stay indoors under Paul’s instructions get in a full session without having to rush it. I’m sure it will all work out ok, It’s just a matter of being organised.

Outside group. 6 x 3 mins/ 1 min rec

I took a bit of dragging out of bed this morning, we’ve been reclaiming borders most of the day which involved quite a bit of digging. Hopefully my arms will be back to normal for next week!! Christine and I are also finding it hard to get to sleep after such great workouts and we were wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem, perhaps you’ll let me know.

Sunday 15th November. Cross Country. Summershill, Hartlepool.

Junior races start at 1pm.

I can tell you it will be wet so you will need a stud or a spike. It may also be wet and cold so wrap up warm.

Not so many people like cross country because the laps go round and round and are quite boring, they are too long or too short and even the wrong time of day. It’s just how it is. Cross country demands a strong mind as well as a strong body and more than any other race they will soon find your weakness. I can only tell you that whatever you put in you will get out, you must be positive and the strength of mind you will gain for future races is worth every ounce of energy you put into it.

I have just seen the weather forecast so you may need to bring your wellies.

A week tonight we will be packing for the lakes. I hear tell THAT Wilma ( the Camel) is looking towards the A1 in anticipation of our arrival and has promised to give us a wave as we drive past on the A66. It’s best to do the Friday pm run no later than 3.15 then if there is a good sunset you will see it reflecting off the lake as we run round. Much later then we will need a head torch and it won’t be much fun for the first timers.(or old ones either) It’s going to be fun and you don’t need to bring towels, soap or anything else you may need to get a wash with because if Gavin gets round first there will be no chuffing hot water.

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