Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 15/05/16

Monday 16th May. 7pm Athletic Club.

We seem to be going along quite nicely at the moment. Plenty of aches but not too painful!!

Wednesday 18th May. 7pm Athletic Club.

Peter will be doing a spot of hill training this next week so he will not be with us. However he did ask me to keep things going as they were and I’m sure we won’t let him down. I hope you all liked the cricket pitch last night, nothing but the best, perfect.

Running session. 6 x 3 mins with long recoveries. If all is going well we could manage 8, especially if we have the cricket pitch once more.

Sunday 15th May. Ripon 10.

Another club championship race.

Bits of off road, lots of long drags, just about everything you would want in a race so start taking the fluids, get some rest and don’t be late to bed on Saturday night!!

I should mention last Thursday night at Ilkley. We didn’t have too many turn out from the club but there were almost 400 runners in the race. I thought the chipped timing looked to be going well and the results were out in good time. Joshua took part in his first senior senior race and had an outstanding run,( he had to keep a little in reserve though so as not to let his Dad get to cakes before him!! ) and I think most everyone else suffered the hill and were more or less glad to finish, gosh it was hot. I thought the most impressive thing on the night was the gardens on the left hand side going up the hill, they really did look good. Almost good enough for me to sit down in one and have a glass of beer. I did not enjoy the race one little bit and I think I’ve found the reason why. I tip-toed onto the scales the other day and I’ve put on a little weight ( 6 kilos ) so just at the moment I’m not a happy bunny.

Going to put a lock on the pantry door, see you soon, Rob

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