Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 15/02/16

Saturday 13th February 9am. Northallerton parkrun

T&SH are hosting this event but you don’t need to worry, all volunteer positions are full. However if you are at a loose end then you could come and have a run, it would be good to see you, you will be cheered on every inch of the way. Remember a parkrun is not competitive but if you are feeling good then the parkrun world record is around 13.48 but this wasn’t at Northallerton. You don’t even need to wear a club vest but seeing we are hosting it then it would be good to see one or two, I think you will also need a woolly hat and a pair of gloves. I am told the field could be good going but I would still wear a good trail shoe. ( wellies in the boot!!) I am down for being in the finish funnels so try and leave a smile for me, I don’t need to know how you ran because I will have a look when I get home!!

Sunday 14th February

All Day is Valentine’s Day so If you haven’t bought the one you love something very special then you don’t have much time left!!!

Monday 15th February 7pm Flatts Behind the Swimming Pool

Very similar to last week which worked very well, it doesn’t really matter how cold it is because we will soon get warmed up.

Wednesday 17th February. 7pm Athletic Club

This week it is either Nikki J or JDW who will be looking after us and I’m told it will be equally as good (hard) as Pete’s so no need to worry!! It was cold and frosty last night but I don’t remember anyone saying they were cold.

Run. 2 x 6 minutes/ 1 recovery

A note from Rob…

What a brilliant turn out last weekend at Richmond ( around 27 ), I could tell by all the photos you all enjoyed it. One or two of the ladies thought it was a 1 lap race but once we found another gear we managed to get them going again. Now you know how I felt when I had to run 4.

Italy. 27th/28th August. This year the World Masters Mountain Running Champs are at Susa which is in Italy ( to left hand corner on the border to France) and if you go onto the website there is a video of the course. The run is mostly uphill and as usual very picturesque, especially when it’s not raining. A few of us once again will be going so if you want to join us then let us know. So we all get in the same hotel, flights etc we need to be booking early next month. I’m looking forward to this one because I really do like Italian food and I thought about going whether I was running or not.

Did you all see the hundreds of geese this morning, all heading south? (around 8 am East of Thirsk) Could we be going to get some snow? I did see a barn owl yesterday and it looked very fit and well which would also suggest there is lots of food around. I was thinking of bringing it back home because the loft is once again full of mice, Christine doesn’t like me catching them.( But I do)

See you Saturday, Rob

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