Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 14/08/16

Monday 15th August. 7pm White Horse car park.

The one below the Horse where we met last week. The group who managed 5 hill reps the last time will try for 7 , the group which did 7 will try for 10. The paths are quite good so road shoes will be fine.

Wednesday 17th August. 7pm Athletic Club.

6 x 4 mins / 2 mins Rec. Similar to last night but with slightly longer efforts.

Last night was probably the best session we have done outside this summer, I could tell by the way you all collapsed in a big heap after the final effort. If you felt the last 3 minutes was harder than the rest then it was supposed to be, I reduced the time you had to come back by four seconds. If it hurt then it was meant to, a session like that either makes or breaks you. I thought every last one of you was 100% committed and I liked the way you helped one another, I hope you all managed to get something out of it. Come down next Wednesday night and we can do it all over again. It was also good to see so many new faces and also fresh faces from the past. Welcome back to you all. For those not present, the session was 8 x 3 mins/ 2mins rec.

I was sad to hear this last week David Raw is no longer with us, he died after a short illness. Older members will remember him from the early years of the club and I can remember him and his family joining us on several club holidays, Matthew his son also became a member. He liked cross country and his favourite race was the Swaledale Marathon. Once he was out training with us on a Sunday long run and AW had to run back and pick him up with the Land Rover. I commented at the time we would soon have him shape to run the S M and not to worry about his present state of fitness to which he replied he was going to run the S M so he could be fit enough to run the hills with AW. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

The Grand kids are coming this weekend, they want a sleep over with Grandma Chris and Grandad Rob. At the moment I’m having trouble getting them in the bath at bathtime so this time I have a plan. I’m going to go into the garage and bring out a pair ear defenders and a scrubbing brush. I’m tired of the softly, softly approach. This time I mean business!

See you soon, Rob

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