Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 14/03/16

Monday 14th March. School Gym.  7pm.

This is the last Monday night indoor session for this winter so the following week we will be outside. I’m sure Sonja will have something special lined up!!

Wednesday 16th March. School sports hall. 7pm.

There are 2 Wednesdays left, try and get the weeks the right way round.

Outside group.    3, 5 , 3, 5 Mins with 1 min recovery.

A note from Rob…

Thirsk 10 all of a sudden is getting very close. There are almost 1000 entries so far and Marian is looking very cool so I’m sure all is going well. Lets hope we are going to get some of this warmer weather which is being promised on the day.

It’s always good to see what other people are doing so I would like to tell you a bit about Nephew Chris and his partner Louise who came to stay a couple of week ends ago. I took them to Fountains and after a 40 minute warm up!! they were really to roll. Chris runs tall and sort of floats over the ground and Louise is a bit more all action Fred Flintstone ( all action) sort of style but both are quite competitive. They both finished 4th in their gender, both did a PB and on Age ad performance finished 1% apart. At the moment they are training between 15 and 20 hrs a week, biking, cross country skiing, power/speed climbing and interestingly only running a couple of times a week. They have both climbed in South America, Europe and the UK. Chris has a 20hr Bob Graham round under his belt and has done (bagged) all the Munroes. Their greatest love is enduro mountain races, either they run as a pair or individually and have come first or 2nd in all the races they have done so far. Just recently they have moved from London (They became bored) to Zurich where they hope to start a new adventure company guiding people around the mountains of Switzerland. Gosh, what’s it’ like to be young!!

The best thing about buying Christine a holiday for a Christmas present is that I get to go with her. It wouldn’t really matter where I chose, she would just be happy to be away. I know her best ever experience was sleeping with 250 thousand king penguins in Antarctica ( the noise and the smell!!) but I couldn’t better that. However, I did know she has always wanted to see the Northern lights, so I chose Northern Iceland. I also said I wanted a local guide, it had to be isolated and a little extreme and our room had to have a double bed otherwise everything else would be fine. What I didn’t expect was a metre of snow, minus 20C and our guide for the duration was into extreme sports, It was a bit like having Pete or Greg leading the way. Now, when Christine gets under extreme pressure the last thing she says to me before she goes completely quiet is ” I didn’t used to swear before I met you”. Only once did she go completely quiet and this was on a climb onto a volcano. Complete with clampons, ski poles and 6 layers of clothing she made it to top and once on top it was blowing a gale. It was the quietest couple of hours I’ve had for a long time but once back down she said it had been just fine. Yes, we did see the northern lights on 3 different nights, the best being in the early hours of the morning, watching the sky dancing bright greens was quite a moving moment ( and cold) We did lots of other fun things including running 3 miles across a frozen lake and for a special treat I took her to the Blue Lagoon on mothers day. ( yes, we had snow there as well)

Now It’s back to work and see you soon, Rob

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