Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 13/03/2017

You will probably think this is a begging letter which is what it probably is.

Last year Christine and I went to Zambia, we stayed in an area about an hours drive from Victoria Falls. We stayed in a lodge on a small Island on the mighty Zambezie, ideal for watching animals and a perfect place to relax . This Lodge provides work for the local community and during our stay we were invited as special guests to visit the local school, villages and so on. This is a very poor area, no running water (just the river ) no electric, very little food and everyone one lives in very basic mud huts. Probably one of the poorest places on earth.

To the point. We now have a new club vest and I wondered what to do with the old ones so I came up with the idea of giving them to the school in Zambia. These kids I’m sure will wear them with pride.  I am also asking if you have any tee shirts that you don’t like the colour of, too big or maybe you would never even wear then I’m sure they could go too. Finally, if you have running shoes that have done too many miles for you but could have a touch more wear in them then I’m sure these will come in useful too. People in this area only have one pair of shoes, either they wear them at school or at work, the rest of the time they carry them and walk barefoot.

The story so far is that I can get the parcel out the first week in April for free, I need donations by the 26th March. I’m trying to organise a bit of a race in the villages/ school and I’m also trying to organise some ingredients from the local township for the older girls in the school to cook some goodies  (Easter eggs!!) for all those taking part. I’m going to ask the local Head Man for an idea for first prize but I’m sure his suggestion would be either a small calf, pig or even chickens. The Head man is a very important and respected man in this area, a bit like your chairman but not quite as good looking.

Hope you can help and see you soon, Rob


Training News

Monday 13th March.   7pm School gym.

Yes, this week we are inside and if Andy has recovered from his recent illness then he will be taking the session. I suspect he will be all set up and ready to go when you all arrive so please be on time.

Wednesday 15th March 7pm Thirsk school Sports hall.

Last week Peter was supposed to be arriving by bike but didn’t quite make it! ( flat tyre and a strong head wind!!)This next week he is either going to set off a little earlier or bike that little bit faster but he will be with us. Don’t be late.

Club Vests.

As most of you already know with it being our 40th year as Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers we have changed the club vest. I have registered this change with the powers that be that as from the 1st April this will be our new club colours. They tell me that they quite like the new strip. If you would like one then you now need to order it from Andy, price £15. No money, no vest. He was taught how to do this when in the Army. There is a large order due to arrive later this month and it would be a good idea if you give him your size, please try on one of the new vests already in use so you get the correct size. Andy says he is not much good at guessing sizes as he was in weapons and not clothing, please help him out.

Technical Stuff.

On Monday night we did a bit about strength, leg stride and so on but basically the older we get the slower we run. And I’ll prove it and why.

The fastest race I ran on the roads was winning the first Brass Monkey with a time of just over 65 minutes, this is not as fast as you may think because then it was a 20k but it’s still 4 x 5k @ just over 16 minute pace so I was pleased with this. If back in 1980 whatever it was at the age of 32’ish  I had worn my tomtom sports watch then it would have said I ran each mile in around 5 minutes, my leg speed was around 177 strides/minute and my pulse was probably close to 180 ( and lots more stuff to impress someone but you don’t actually need.) and I did this for 65 minutes.

If I ran the same race today, aged 63 long, long years old my watch would tell me I would run each mile in around 7.5 minutes, my leg speed is still 177 strides/ minute and pulse 170. Each mile I now run I need 340 extra strides to run it. There in no wonder I feel tired when i finish. Weak legs, slow times!

My new watch also shows me running on water, It shows I ran on the sea, on a fiord and also a lake. ( please don’t try this at home) My watch does not tell me what type of fish there was in the water but i did have some King Crab the day I ran over the lake so It was probably King Crab.

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