Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 12/10/15

Monday 12th October – 7pm – Thirsk School gym


Tuesday social run – meet 7pm at Thirsk Leisure Centre

The Leisure centre have agreed we can meet in the foyer. Four to five miles on well lit paths and pavements, steady pace around 10 mins/mile with stops to run back/regroup so no-one gets left behind. Hi vis clothing recommended, no head torch required. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday 14th October – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall.

Outside session.      2 x (4 x 2 mins/1 rec)  3 mins between sets.

AGM – 8.30pm – Thirsk Athletic Club

We have a brilliant, hard working committee so please come along and give them your support. Better still, come and join them and help us do things even better.

Sunday 18th October.  Clay Bank West. This is a club championship race.

Fran will be sending details out later but it is hoped lots of you will support this event. Fran will probably not ask for help but I’m sure we have plenty of off road runners who can help mark out, time keep and so on. In the past we have actually left a watch with a time sheet and you filled your own time in but that was when we were a lot younger and had good eyesight, seeing the time on the watch could be a bit of a problem so we will need a time keeper. The course itself is quite short (4-5 mile but long enough for me!!) but it has quite a stiff start with 2 more climbs/descents in the second half which are on the way back. In all there is probably around 1000′ of climbing. The first half of the race is on a rutted track and when wet it can get quite muddy so you will need shoes with some sort of grip, the return surface is mostly on flag stones, also if wet these can be very slippery. In places you will probably see some of the more seasoned runners running off the side of these flags, either on sheep tracks or just taking a short cut!! All perfectly legal and it is probably a good idea if you do the same. If foggy stay to the track but have a look at the final descent before you start the race, there are one or two places you could gain a little time!!

Thanks for your time, Fran.

Wednesday 28th October

Half term so the school will be closed.   Steve (stopwatch) has organised an evening at RAF Linton-on-Ouse where we will be given a training session with a PTI based at Linton which will probably be bit like being with Peter but maybe easier!! It is also hoped to have supper on the way back which you will have to pay for but the club will pay for the coach.

The coach is booked to leave the Market Place, Thirsk at 6.20pm. For security reasons we can only enter the base on the coach and we will also require a pass so numbers will be required before hand. Steve can then get the paper work done well in advance. Sadly you have to be at least 18yrs old and numbers are limited so it will be on a first come, first served basis.

Sorry but lots to take in so read it carefully, all the best, Rob

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