Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 12/06/2017

Monday 12th June. 7pm. Athletic Club.

Numbers were down a little this last week but I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact it was raining. This week it will be back on the cricket field once more but I’m not sure it’s going to be any easier than last week. Sonja will know the answer to this one! Let’s hope it’s not raining.

Beginners group, week 4.   This group has now grown to around 30 and was actually larger than the regular group last week, they didn’t seem to mind the rain too much!! Last week they managed to cover the distance of 2 miles so well done to you all. It seems Andy and Jody are doing a great job.

Wednesday 14th June.  HDSRL at Sicklinghall organised by Wetherby.

Our son-in- law Simon has organised this one so I’m hoping all goes well for him. If he runs I also hope to beat him!  There is a minibus ordered and it will leave the Athletic Club at 6.15pm prompt. It is likely to be full once more so be earlier rather than later. Cars will also be going. The course is all on road and is likely to be shorter than the advertised 5 mile distance, there is now no down hill finish. Is is basically an out and back course and almost immediately you reach the bottom of the downhill section you turn to come back. There is a hill on the way back and if it isn’t hurting then you aren’t going hard enough. The steeper bits are nearer the top. Once it levels out then there isn’t far to go so look out for the cricket pitch, this is the finish.

7pm Athletic Club.

On the same night Jody is willing to take those who don’t feel up to a trip to Sicklinghall, the choice of what you do will depend on those who turn up!!

Bryan took on the roll as race director at Ossy Oiks and by what I hear all went well. Thanks for giving up your time so others could enjoy theirs. I have not seen any results yet but I’m sure all returned safely. I’m also sure the mud proved a challenge for all those taking part. You have to like mud to be successful at fell running and just at the minute there seems to be plenty around. Unfortunately I seem to be working in most of it. There are times times in your life when things can only get better, this is one of those times!

Training top!! If you took part in the Lyke Wake relay and used the minibus at any time then you may have lost a black training top. It is now in my Ute and has been for a few weeks, please let me know if it is yours!!

Last night I achieved my longest and most intensive Aqua jogging session ever. 12 x 4mins/1rec @ 82 leg cycles / min. Big session and it went well. Had I been wearing my watch then I’m sure it would have given me a gold medal because it tends to do this from time to time. I think it’s supposed to help keep me motivated and also put a little smile on my face. Yes, it does both of these things. Tomorrow Christine and I are starting a 10 week hill training program. This will be the first specific block of training I will have done for approx 5 years so I’m hoping it goes well. I will have Christine at my side to spur me on so I must remember to take some kind of ear defenders.  At the end of this block of training  we have a Mountain race in Slovakia which is in early September. In October I hope to run in the Grand Canyon.  After this  I’m going to meet up with my American friend Mark and we are going to run part of the Appalachian Trail. If you have read A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson then you will  know exactly where I mean. A lot will depend on how these next few weeks work out.

Lots and lots going on, enjoy your weekend and have fun, Rob

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