Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 11/12/17

Coastal Run (see Fran’s email – sent 4th December).  Recce half of the Hardmoors 30 route.  The plan is to leave Thirsk approx. 8:30am, park up at Robin Hoods Bay do the 16-mile run, then finish off with fish and chips.  There is a shorter route available. Everyone is welcome, but please let me know so we don’t set off without you!

Leeds 10k Challenge – off road, John Charles Stadium, 10.30am.  ON DAY ENTRY WILL BE AVAILABLE £18/20
– cash only please 8.45am – 10am

Thirsk school 18:45 doors open session starts at 19:00.
The weather doesn’t look too good this weekend so hopefully the heat won’t be turned up too much in the gym, I’m sure Sonja will get us warm soon enough. I think I’m just about getting used to the sessions, but my arms do seem to be aching quite a bit!!

We as a club are aware that the success of Sonja’s sessions has meant that more and more Harriers are attending on Monday nights.  We would like to try something a little different which some of you may be interested in.  The idea is that if more than 50 members turn up, an alternative of outdoor running will be offered to members to hopefully reduce the hall down to 50.  Please email Duncan you if have any concerns or questions on this.  You will not be picked at random, this will be voluntary.  High vis should be worn, and the club is purchasing some for future use.

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 19:00 (meet in foyer) on well-lit paths and pavements. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it.

Christmas handicap, station road. The changing rooms will open at the Athletic Club just after 6.30 pm for changing and early registration but you need to leave around 7pm for a START at the STATION car park at 7.15pm.  Helen, along with Tesco Nige and Hairy Ken are in charge of start times and time keeping so please check with them before you set off, you should already have your start times which were sent out last week. Everyone can run but you will only qualify to win if you have completed two time trials since the summer handicap. Everyone who runs will get a prize. If you are new to the club or don’t have a start time and would like to run, then you need to see Duncan who will slot you in. Remember we like everyone to take part. Please listen to the time keepers because you don’t want to miss your start time.

We don’t have many rules, but you should keep to the left-hand side at all times (when meeting oncoming runners) which means you are also facing the traffic on the way back and always, always you should wear a hi-vis top. Otherwise run hard all the way out and even harder all the way back and then you may win!!! Good luck. Please bring a few nibbles to pool together and eat in the club house during presentations shortly afterwards.

If the footpath is too slippery or unsafe then the handicap can take place on the cricket field as it did around 8 years ago. Steve measured it out then but maybe we could use a gps this time!

Loftus and Whitby Poultry Run – mostly road, hilly.  All prizes dressed poultry! Online entries close at noon on 14th December, but you will still be able to enter on the day. Entries limited to 600.
Stockton 5k Winter Trail Series – Preston Park

Jody is planning on a social run around Thirsk in the morning, details to follow nearer the time.  If you are interested please catch him beforehand.

Message from the chair:

How is your training going? (you should all be thinking great!!) Every now and again you should do a stock take on how things are going. For me the running is going ok, but I don’t seem to be doing enough. I’d like my legs to be a little stronger and I’d like my long runs to be that little bit longer. It seems the more grandchildren I get the shorter the long runs become but I should have this sorted this weekend, Saturday this week is my long run day. I have also managed to get my aqua jogging up to around the hour but am still finding it hard to finish the session in good form and my trail bike hasn’t managed to hit the road for quite some time. On a score of 1-10 I would say I’m in around 6 to low 7 shape. Yes, there is room for improvement but then it could be worse. I’m waiting for the training we did in the lakes to kick in yet but it’s a bit slow at getting off the mark.
see you in Kilburn Woods on Saturday, have a good weekend, Rob

Stockton 5k Winter Trail Series is good, usually 10am start,.  All near to Stockton
Dec 17th – Preston Park
Jan 21st – Wynyard Woodland Park
Feb 25th – Tees Barrage
Mar 25th – Ropner Park
Dec 31st – Jolly Holly Jog, Ripon, multi-terrain
Jan 7th – Stuart Pailor Memorial Race (Old Monks Race), about 5 miles, multi terrain – Hart near Hartlepool

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