Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 11/08/14

Monday 11th August. 7pm. Hill reps, A19!!    There is racing this week but we can still park at the Athletic Club. We will leave at 7pm, sharp. (12minute jog) Via Norby to venue. Some may prefer to park off Stockton road where we can run up the concrete road to where we will meet Sonja. Probably start around 7.20’ish.

On the way we will pass some farm buildings more commomly known as Barkers farm. I once bought a bull from this farm (28th October 1974), his name was Ryebeck Miestro and cost £250. He was black and white, not very tall and had a big pair of horns. He was very fertile and produced lots of offspring. All of them totally useless. All the daughters were very wild and didn’t produce much milk. Simply they didn’t like Grandad Rob putting his little pinkies on their diggle danglers. A recipe for disaster.  I had a big smile on my face the day I dropped him off at the butchers shop!!

 Wednesday 13th August.  7pm Athletic Club.  This week is the final week for the beginners group and two thirds of the way through the session we will merge both groups.  I can bring some bean bags and we can have some fun relays. Please see the additional email regarding Darran Bilton and nibbles afterwards in the Club House!!!

Mandy does get married this weekend (today) and not last week as I first mentioned. We wish her a long and happy togetherness. May your road be smooth and trouble free.

 Tomorrow is yet another club championship race.  Darlington 10k, 10am.  I hear they were still taking entries but not on the day.  Let’s hope Big Bertha doesn’t arrive before lunchtime.


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