Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 10/07/2017

Sunday 9th July.  Kilburn 7 ( and quite a bit!!)   A club championship race. 12 noon.  Please note the new start time ( don’t tell Steph and Cameron!!) and let’s hope it stays cool.  There is quite a climb after the first mile after which I suppose it is best described as undulating. The only advice I will give is probably not to start off too quickly. Enjoy the day.

Monday 10th July.  7pm Athletic Club.  Hopefully on the cricket pitch but it does get crowded, make sure you get in the right group.
Beginners group. Wk 8.  This week you are back on your own, we hope you enjoyed your sideways movement last week. Andy and Jody will have your next block of training sorted out for when you arrive. Just a thought but if any of you would like a sideways move on a Wednesday night then you are quite welcome to come and give it a try. The only difference is that we don’t do any core work and we don’t go out on the roads so you will always be part of the group. Basically it is longer intervals than you are used to and is best described as expanding your lung capacity. ie. speedwork.
Wednesday 12th July.  7pm Athletic Club.  Last week worked well, we all had a good work out and helped one another and It seemed we all gained from it. I know there are still races going from time to time during the week but we can still keep the longer interval sessions going and you can come in or out of the group as you so wish.  Keep an eye on the dates/times because we can go into the woods and do some hill work from time to time. I don’t want you all getting bored!!
If you bought a copy of any local paper last week then you will have seen an article covering all of the back page ( well, quite a bit of it!) all about your chairman. I am proud and honoured to be that person in the paper and thank you Marian for writing all those kind words. I have enjoyed every minute of all those years at Harriers but those who really know me will understand that I am also as passionate about my family, my work and really I’m a guy who just likes life the way it is. It’s always a pleasure and never a chore. It’s about being the best you can be, helping others and never accepting second best. The only downside to all this is that it consumes huge volumes of energy and is probably the reason why I am finding it difficult to keep up with my walk behind lawnmower. Christine and I joke about this but we are convinced cutting lawns helps us with our interval training, especially after a race or hard track session. We get dragged along and it loosens us up nicely, the hard work is emptying the boxes.
I think Wiggy Crane has made it. Soon he will be patting his wife on the back and kissing his bike goodnight for the last time and eating a giant sized pasty before they start their long drive back north. Didn’t our Ian do well?  After all that biking Gill is going to have to have him laid out on the kitchen table to massage some circulation into those bum cheeks, it could take up until Christmas. Ian, I have you down  for the summer handicap at Scarborough. Do you want a seat on the bus or will you be coming on the bike?
Technical stuff! I keep getting asked what it is like running up mountains. Let me explain. When I go for a steady run the pulse is 120- 135 region.  When I race 5 to 10k then we are in the 145- 170 zone. When i run up a mountain it never gets below 175 and it stays there until i reach the top. Luckily, I never know this because I never look at the details until I have finished. Running up mountains is probably my least favourite running choice but it offers me my biggest challenge and my biggest fear.
                                                                              See you all on Sunday, Rob

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