Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 07/08/16

Monday 8th August. 7pm Athletic Club.

Sonja wants us to return back to our younger years and pretend we are all still back at school!! Turn up for this session and all will be revealed.

Wednesday 10th August. 7pm Athletic Club.

Long intervals with longish recoveries and maybe another stream to cross. We didn’t seems to have too many wet feet last night so we could perhaps try it again.

Sunday 7th August. Darlington 10k.

Two laps. Not altogether flat but slight inclines, just enough to stop you getting bored!! There will be no entries on the day but if someone needs a number then you are quite welcome have mine. You will just have to change our names. I don’t even want the tee shirt because I can’t get any more in my wardrobe so it looks like I’ll be having a sort out.

I’m shortly going to sit down and watch the program about Mo Farah, I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. There will be little of each of us in everything he does. It wouldn’t take too much effort to persuade me to go to Rio to watch him run. ( Christine says anything is better than cutting hedges!!) However I guess it will be late nights and early mornings this next couple of weeks. We plan to put the tv in our bedroom and see how it goes so if we look a little more sleepy than usual then you will know the reason why.

See you Sunday, Rob

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