Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 05/10/15

Monday 5th October – 7pm – Thirsk School gym


Wednesday 7th October – 7pm – Thirsk School Sports Hall

Peter, more core work followed by:-

Outside group.   2,3,4,5 min/ 1min recovery

Paul will be putting a session together for the inside group.


I have just spent 20 minutes in a stacking system waiting to pay the renewal on my car insurance only to be told the payment system was down and could I please call them back tomorrow when hopefully the system would be back up and running once more. I was right chuffed about that one!!

Each year Christine and I take our daughter and family away for a bit of a holiday and this year we went to Cornwall  which is a lovely part of the country. We rent a little house and it’s strictly no tele, no work emails and generally just being together as a family. I love it. I get to read stories to the little ones, we all get to eat the odd ice cream and this year year we managed to get on the beach and practice a little surfing. Now you all know where I was when you were busy running around the Flatts last week end in the xcountry relays. I have read the report from the league so thanks to all those who helped or took part in the event and proving once more that THS can put on a first class show.

Our very own Yorkshire Vet (Julian) has suggested we watch the program this coming Tuesday where we will see him running (sadly no club vest and definitely no make-up!!) but see if you can guess where it is. Nurse katie also gets quite a bit coverage and didn’t she do well with the chicken?  Katie is now in London and has joined a running club in Chelsea,this is where she lives and works. When I spoke to her last she said the club wasn’t as good as TSH but I think she’d had a little bit too much to drink at time but I’m sure it’s true. Perhaps Katie could drop us a line and let us know if they get many chickens in the surgery in Chelsea.

I hope you have all read the email Peter sent around because our next session outside will be fully in the dark. Don’t forget your head torch.

Why are kids books mostly scary?? Our eldest grandchild is having difficulty sleeping at times. She says a wolf keeps coming and licking her on the cheeks during the night while she is in bed. She said she isn’t really scared any more but if it came along again could I take it away!!  By the end of the week I wasn’t sleeping very myself. It didn’t half cheer her up when I said I didn’t need a wolf because I already had Grandma Chris.

Hopefully see a few of you at Whitby, Rob

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