Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 05/03/18

CHAMPIONSHIP RACE – Lightwater Valley 10k Challenge **** CANCELLED ****
Now on SATURDAY 24th March, we appreciate that Ropner Park 5k race is on the next day 25th, however it’s only 15k split over 2 days. Spare a thought for me who is currently on day 60 of run everyday and Fran who’s on a lot more than 60! Hope everyone understands that it’s not easy finding a replacement race for the Championship

7pm Thirsk school. Jody is in charge tonight and the core work will be very similar to last week. I’m hoping the school will be open once some of this snow has gone.

Or outdoor session. We will meet in the school gym first, then outside by 7.05pm please;
A four-minute circuit around the outside of the school field. On each lap put in a 45 to 50 sec at almost full effort, then regroup and continue at a steady pace. Repeat around 8 times with a lap warm up and cool down. (ten laps/ with 8 x 40 to 45mins).

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 7pm (meet in foyer) on well-lit paths and pavements. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it.

Time trial night – STATION ROAD
Please park at TAC, Lidl or Tesco and have a warm up jog to the train station. Time Trial – First starter off at 19:20 ie. from Train Station to Lidl and back to station.
Then a jog back to your car, nice to get 4 miles in your legs! However, those whom just want to do 2 miles can park at the train station.
You will need to wear a hi-vis vest and Duncan will be sorting out the time keeping.

Message from the chairman:
We as a club are part of Thirsk Athletes Club (TAC) and from time to time we need to provide members to cover the bar for other clubs with TAC. On Saturday 31st March we need members to cover the bar, if you are interested please see either myself, Stephan Tomaszewski or Paul Goacher. Training would be provided prior to the night.

Message from the head-coach:
Whatever you have seen or read about India is possibly true but, it is possibly ten times worse. India is colourful, noisy, busy, exciting, smelly and is possibly the shi…., sorry, the dirtiest place on earth. India will make you laugh and smile but can also leave you a little bit sad and just occasionally make you cry. Nothing ever seems to look finished, nothing ever seems fair or seems right, but this is India, so it seems to fit. You might not be able to see the mighty Ganga river from the moon, but I bet there is a good chance you can smell it! Yes, I love India, I like its people and I really love its food.
I packed two sets of running kit, one pair of running shoes and my aqua belt but to be truthful I found it difficult to be inspired enough to run anywhere in India. We were mostly at altitude and in game reserves and since our experience in Africa with the elephant we tend to be a little shy of running in the wild! Sadly, my running took place mostly on treadmills which I don’t really like but managed six 30 to 40-minute sessions at not much faster than pedestrian pace, perhaps a steady jog with the pulse in and around the 130 to 140 area. As a treat we did stop in an Oberoi Hotel which is very posh and probably the best hotel chain in the world. All the equipment was the best you could ever experience and if you didn’t have any kit then they would provide it for you. If you were alone and you wanted a little company, then they would also provide someone to run on the treadmill next to you. I thought this would make it a little too competitive, so I asked Christine to join me instead!
Christine and I travelled to India for no other reason than to look for and see the tiger and if you watched blue planet 2 and the program on wild cats you will understand that these animals are on the very edge of becoming extinct. To see one in the wild means you are quite lucky, to see two is a bit of a miracle however Christine and I managed to see seven. Tracking is about going to the right area at the right time and having the best tracker you can get to help find them. There are lots of people in India doing extremely fantastic work to save these beautiful animals and the numbers are now increasing but it may already be too late. The gene pools of the remaining animals may be too small for them to survive but India is really giving it it’s best shot. You save the insects, you save the grass, you save the trees, you save the animals and eventually we may even save man (and woman!)
I’m a romantic and perhaps a little bit old fashioned but I do like creating special “remember when” moments to maybe make Christine feel that little bit special but then sometimes its better when they just happen without me having to do anything. On Feb 14th at first light we were sat on the terrace of the last Maharaja of India’s summer Palace overlooking a lake and surrounded by elephants, samba deer etc and deep inside a tiger game reserve. The cloth on the breakfast table is covered in embroider hearts, it’s very very peaceful and truly a wonderful setting. We were given special written permission to be there. Three game reserve guards have been giving strict instructions to pick us up at first light to take us on our own private river nature cruise and they arrive spot on time on a 64 seater 1950’s river cruiser (this is true and can only happen in India) They treated us like king and queen, stopping to look at all the birds and animals on route and later dropped us off to where we were to spend the day tracking elephants and bamboo rafting. This process was performed in reverse on our return. In all our 46 years of togetherness this was the first year I had not bought Christine a valentine’s card or flowers which left me feeling a little bit guilty, so I had a little word with the guy in charge of the Lodge where we were staying. I managed to beg the table cloth with all the little hearty things on from him and now we have a permanent reminder of our time spent at the lodge!
Catch up next week

Helmsley 10K Run – 1st April 10am, multi terrain race partly on road, partly on forestry track and footpaths and fields

Ben Campbell 5k & 10k Trail Run, Saturday, April 7 at 10am. White Horse bank, Kilburn
Please follow the link below to make your entries

Mar 4th – Lightwater Valley Challenge – POSTPONED now on Saturday 24th March

Mar 24th – Lightwater Valley Challenge – multi-terrain (MT) 10k – Sun am
Mar 25th – Ropner Park 5k Trail – fairly level. Sun am e.o.d, register in advance
Apr 15th – Hartlepool Marina 5 – flat – mostly along the prom. Sun am
Apr 25th – Spring Coast Road 5k Wed 7.15pm – flat, Redcar Rugby Club, enter in advance
May 13th – Ripon 10 – challenging – multi-terrain. Sun am
June 5th – HDSRL – Skipton – Tues evening.
June 19th – HDSRL – Ilkley- Tues evening. Hilly, mostly on road
July 8th – Kilburn 7 – scenic road race – Coxwold, Byland, Oldstead. Sun pm
July 17th – HDSRL Nidd Valley – Tues evening.
July 29th – James Herriot 14k (Fell) – 2 long hills, stony tracks. Sun am
Aug 12th – Darlington 10k – flat 2 lap road race. Sun am. Potential PB course
Aug 22nd – Sessay Swift 6k – local flat road race – 7.30 pm Wed evening
Sept 2nd – Tholthorpe 10k – fast, slightly undulating road race. Sun am
Sept 30th – Lockton Limping Fell Race. 7 miles, 1083 ft climb. Sun am e.o.d
Oct 7th – Bridlington Half Marathon – road. V. undulating. Sun am
Nov 4th – Guy Fawkes 10 – road race. 4 significant hills! Sun am
Nov/Dec – XC (to be arranged) 1 cross country
(e.o.d – enter on the day, at race)

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