Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 04/08/14

Monday 4th August. 7pm Athletic Club..              
Core work and sprints. Sune / Sonja.


Wednesday 6th August. 7pm Athletic Club.           
Beginners Group.  Wk 9.  I hear people are still joining this group which is great. Congrats on the time trial.
Core group. long intervals on the back field.

8pm. After training. A short meeting for coaches to bounce a few ideas around in preparation for winter training.

Relays.  I like relays because these are the best way to bring the best out of you. They are also good for team bonding and in my team I was bonding with Fran and Christine. Even though they didn’t say it at the time I could see they were enjoying every minute of it. So much so Fran said she would like to be in my team the next time we did it. Even though we didn’t win we were the first team to chase the sheep from the course and make it a lot easier for those following quite some distance behind. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would as I was still aching from Sunday. I even ran on some tracks I have never been on before which made it quite fun. We could probably fit a few relays in on training nights, there is less of a chance of some sheep being in the way.

See you soon,


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