Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 03/08/15

Monday 3rd August.  7pm Athletic Club.
Tuesday 4th August.  7pm  Athletic club.  Paths and trails.
Wednesday 5th August. 7pm.  Athletic club.    Hopefully on the cricket pitch!!   2,3,4,4 3 2.  / 1min recovery.
Peter has asked me to thank you all for turning out last Monday night (horrible weather). Around 70 runners altogether so I think it should have tested the system. I didn’t hear of any problems apart from the dog running off with one of the corner markers. Maybe it will still be in bed this Saturday when the Parkrun officially kicks off. Yes, the course has lots of twists and turns but providing you get a good start and take the corners tight then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a good time. I would say it would make a good xcountry course and would be a good one to sharpen up on. If you are an out and out road runner you will probably not like it but then you wouldn’t like running on grass anyhow.  Good luck on Saturday.
 I was sorry to Dave Parry is a little bit under the weather at the moment. Gosh, It seems ages since I first ran in his races. Mervin and I still talk about the time a farmer chased us through his farm yard with a pitch fork. He couldn’t keep up so he then sent his dog after us. We don’t know why and we didn’t hang around to ask At the presentation Brian Roberts tried to get us disqualified because we didn’t stick to the marked route but Dave gave us 1st and 2nd and also first team. (sorry Brian!!)  Isn’t there anyone who could step in and take on a run or two??   Hope you get well soon Dave.

Today is Marian and Ian’s Golden wedding Anniversary   —   I hope you are enjoying your day and all the best from all at TSH

See you soon,

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