Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 03/04/2017

Monday 3rd April. Thirsk school. 7pm Gym.  This is the last week inside this term so Sonja is going to put on something special, it’s a surprise. The local press have been invited so best behaviour please. Ladies,not too much make up as this can lead to distortion and may cause flashback. Gents, perhaps a shave and those with enough hair, then maybe a comb. You will also need to wear a Thirsk 10 Tee shirt, not sure which year but Hillary is bringing a few along and has promised to bring the ones that fit. Judith, you may need to give your bike a quick polish but please come along whatever happens, you will not be used to this coming from Holland!! Rumour also has it that Andy and Jody could be in fancy dress!! Tonight is going to be a fun and enjoyable night.

After the session we need to remove equipment from the School to the Athletic Club, we need volunteers. I also require someone to look after the  keys for training the following week at the Athletic Club, remind me because i will forget. If you do a good job then i may let you keep them!! The pay is not very good.

Wednesday 5th April Thirsk School. 7pm Sports Hall.  This is the last indoor session this term, don’t expect the local press or anything else. Just good, honest sweat and tears.
The following week will be at the Athletic Club, start times 7pm. The Easter handicap is on the Wednesday (19th) after Easter but don’t worry, i have already bought the Easter eggs. The turnout for the last one or two handicaps have been a little disappointing and i sometimes feel a little reluctant to putting a lot of energy into something that no-one wants to do so i thought i might try something a little different. It will still be trail race but maybe we could pop in some obstacles, detours, etc. I know it will work, it’s just a matter of setting it up. I will need volunteers but we can sort this out at training.
Wow, yes and thanks for the collection for Zambia. The total weight was 75kg in just a couple of weeks. Fantastic. It is being flown out on Monday. The person responsible for taking it out is Sarah Elton who works for  The U Foundation  and she will deliver the items personally to where they are needed the most. If you have time then maybe you could have a look at the website and see what wonderful work they do.
If you like wild life and nature at it’s very best then perhaps you may be interested in the programme about the Galapagos Islands shown on tv tonight. Christine and I visited them maybe 20 years ago and if you get the chance then you must also go. Take the smallest boat possible. The water is so clear and you are surrounded on all sides with fish, turtles, birds etc.  Unbelievably beautiful.  Hopefully it will stay that way.
                                 Can’t wait until Monday night,
                                                                         Have a good weekend, Rob
Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers at the start of their 40th anniversary year

Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers at the start of their 40th anniversary year

Celebration cakes provided by our enthusiastic coach, Sonja van der  Westhuisen

Celebration cakes provided by our enthusiastic coach, Sonja van der

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