Rob’s Weekly Blog and Training Update w/c 03/04/16

Monday 4th April. 7pm Athletic Club.

Sune is back and is willing to take us, I’m told it will be different and quite exciting. Welcome back Sune

Wednesday 6th April 7pm Athletic Club.

Again very similar to last week, nice and gentle with lots of time to recover. I’d like to apologise for cutting short the intervals last Wednesday night but as it was getting dark I thought it best to reduce them from 5 to 3 ( for safety reasons only) and seeing none of you complained it was obvious you were all thinking the same as me. This week it will be a little lighter so we can try for a couple more, also my legs might be in better shape.

Sunday 3rd April. Hartlepool Marina 5. Championship Race.

The forecast is due to be quite a bit warmer and a head wind for the first half so the turn around point will seem further away than ever. The worst thing about this race is that you see everyone in the race at one point or another and it doesn’t take you long to work out how far in front of you they are, not a good thing in a championship race!! The best thing to do is to keep hammer down as every second counts. I’m sure you will all have been looking at each others profiles and you all know what you have to do to beat one another so lets go out and just do it. ( who mentioned pressure?)

I did mention last week that Peter and I ( no, not together) are going to be missing for a couple of weeks so if anyone would like to stand in and help out then just drop us a line or see us next wed pm at training. We’ll help point you in the right direction.

I’ve been running around lake Gormire, Sutton Bank and Hood hill lately so haven’t been going too bad. The paths have been dry until recently but now they are muddy once more so not quite so enjoyable. We travel to  Africa next week and I have asked for a race or run if at all possible, the response has been that we can have a run in the bush and an armed guard will be provided but they didn’t say whether this was to protect us from people or the animals. Christine doesn’t like the Idea of someone following us with a gun however she calmed down a bit when I said it wasn’t to make us run faster but for our own safety.

See you all on Sunday, good luck, Rob

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