Rob’s Weekly blog and training update w/c 01/01/18


Ian Codling intends to do his 50th park run at Fountains Abbey, if anyone feels like coming along to support him then that would be great 


Jolly Holly Jog, Ripon, blow away the Christmas cobwebs at the Jolly Holly Jog – a one-lap, scenic, multi-terrain undulating course of approximately 10k that is run mainly on footpaths through the magnificent Studley Royal deer park near to Ripon and Fountains Abbey (RACE FULL) 


Captain Cooks fell race – FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP RACE OF 2018 – starts at 11am (Registration in the Royal Oak Bar, Great Ayton) – 8km/318m.  The first championship race of the new year. All proceeds to charity. 

You can split this race into three. 

  1. You need to be able to run fast on the road sections simply because these are the easiest parts of the race., you need leg speed.
  2. There is only one climb which is pretty good going apart from the last 300′ or so. It gets very steep.  This is where you need to be mentally strong and you could gain quite a few places. 
  3. The descent isn’t too technical with the steepest part coming early on,but you need to be able to run at speed through ankle deep mud, so balance and strength is of as much importance on the way down as on the way up. 

If you are good at all the above 3 then perhaps you could win, good luck. The next big question is what to wear on your feet, but the main thing is if your feet feel good then the rest of you will normally feel good. I think only one person has been under 30 minutes on this course so if you feel inspired then that’s the time to beat. 


7pm Athletic Club. Getting back to normal times. 2x (3,4,5 mins/1 min rec) 3 mins between sets. Depending on how hard or if you have raced then you can adjust this session accordingly. It is important you start to get your body into some sort of a routine after the Christmas break. Your body believe it or not likes to have some sort of a routine for it to work at its most efficient. 

School term starts back on Monday 8th January but for the first two weeks (8th/15th) the gym is booked for exams, so training will take place on the Flatts behind the swimming pool on these nights. Wednesday nights will start as normal in the sports hall on the 10th. Please note that Wednesday 24th Jan is not available, so it would be a good opportunity to have the time trial this week and continue at school the following week. I was also thinking as half the club prefer trail and country to road then maybe we could have the time trial in Kilburn woods this month (weather dependent) and just to make things fair and even swap it around the following month and have it on station road. This way we can maybe make everyone little happier than they otherwise would be.  


Stuart Pailor Memorial Race (Old Monks Race), 5.5 miles, multi terrain – Hart near Hartlepool 

10:30am  (postcode TS26 9LS) – 

Entries Close:  01/01/2018 

Message from the chairman: 

Hope you all had a great Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in Great Ayton. 


Stockton 5k Winter Trail Series is good, usually 10am start,.  All near to Stockton 

Jan 21st – Wynyard Woodland Park 

Feb 25th – Tees Barrage 

Mar 25th – Ropner Park 


Jan 21st – Ormesby Hall Cross Country 

Feb 18th – Richmond Cross Country 

Mar 4th – Lightwater Valley 10k Challenge 

Mar 25th – Ropner Park 5k Trail 

Apr 1st –  Hartlepool Marina – 5 mile  

Apr 25th – Spring Coast Road 5k 

May 13th – Ripon 10 

June 5th – HDSRL Skipton (Prov) 

June 19th – HDSRL Ilklely (Prov) 

July 8th  – Kilburn 7  

July 29th – James Herriot 14k (Fell Race) 

Aug 12th – Darlington 10k 

Aug 22nd – Sessay Swift 6k 

Sept 2nd  – Tholthorpe 10k 

Sept 30th – Lockton Limping Fell Race 

Oct 7th –  Bridlington Half Marathon 

Nov 4th – Guy Fawkes 10 


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