Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 17/09/18

6.50'ish Thirsk School, Topcliffe road.
Head for the back field unless it is raining, if so we will be inside. If we get a prompt start, then I guess we should be able to fit one more in. There will be an outside running group once we have moved inside however so like last year, please come dressed for an outside training session. I'm sure things will sort themselves out over the next couple of weeks when I hope we will then be into some sort of a routine. Last Monday saw a huge turnout and those with a good memory and aching ribs will have noticed the session was just a little more intense than at the same time last year. It was good to see you all managed it reasonably well so please expect the future sessions to be equally as hard. We will all benefit from this as the x-country season progresses. Please nudge and encourage those around you so we all continue to improve at the same rate.

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 7pm (meet in foyer). Mostly off road depending on the weather. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.
Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis if you have it. Trail shoes not essential but can be worn if you have them.

6.30 Thirsk School, Topcliffe road; Football field. Please note the time!!!
Let’s use what daylight we can but if it is raining heavily then we will be inside and start at 7pm. Let’s keep the same format with the different groups but if you feel you need to move up or down a group then do it straight away. Either way you need to find your level asap. I'm getting lots of comments at the moment, mostly good but we are only a couple of weeks into a 12-week program, so we have a long way to go yet. I'm aching something terrible in upper border region at the moment which suggests I'm not in very good shape and I bet I'm not the only one!! I have altered the interval session a little this week 10 x 2 min 5k pace / 1 min jog recovery because I'm a little concerned that there are too many people running on their own at the moment and I’d rather you were in small groups. Running on your own is something you do outside the club and shouldn't happen during training sessions. It's called group motivation which in turn leads to competition which in turn then leads to improvement which we all hope to achieve.

Snape 10k 12 pm. A nice village race, reasonably level,

multi terrain. Details, entry form, from 01677 470232

See separate emails regarding – Cross Country on the Flatts, Thirsk

First Aid Course
The First Aid course is booked for 22nd October 6.30pm at the Athletic Club. It is a 3-hour, one-night course. I have 10 names so far with 2 places left. It will not cost the club any more money for these extra 2 places so let’s not waste them. First come, first served.

Do you like a Challenge??
Due to the success of the exercise circuit we did this Spring at the White Horse car park I have been planning to do something similar this Winter. The date I have at the moment is Wednesday 21st November. (7.10pm start) Nulear Alan assures me this is a full moon and the weather is going to be fine, so everything should be ok. I have already been and taken some measurements, got some plans drawn up etc but I do need around 8 people to help mark out and set up on the day (sorry night). Another 4 or 5 people to meet and great and show/walk people around the course in small groups before we start and I also need 2 people who can keep a secret (hush, hush) and can also motivate, encourage and inspire others to greater heights of physical endurance. This could be you!! I would tell you what this is all about, but it won't be solved until on the night.

Remember this is not a race. The aim is to complete 8 to 10 laps with short recoveries in around 35 to 40 minutes. Each lap will be around 450 metres long. There will be a choice of 2 or 3 routes depending on your ability. On each lap you will be expected to complete 7 or 8 obstacles /exercises. We will have lighting in the most dangerous places, but you will need a head torch and as it is classed as a training session and as long as you are a member of the Club you will be insured. However, I already know there are people on the fringe of the club who are keen to take part in this challenge and I'm trying my best to help make this happen for them too. Please don't turn them away.

It will not cost anything to take part but there may be a small cost as I'm trying to organise a supper, either on site or at the Foresters afterwards. I think it will be best if I make a list of those wishing to take part which will also help me plan the route. At the moment I plan to set it out for around 60 people with the options of extending to take a further 20.
All challenges should include a little bit of fun, a little bit of fear and huge, huge sense of achievement no matter at whatever level of fitness you are at. What I have in mind will certainly provide all three. Training at Harriers over the next 9 weeks will bring you up to a level so you can complete this challenge. I was hoping we could make this the biggest training session TASH have ever undertaken.

Remember. Prepare the body, focus the mind. Trust in your training and believe in yourself.
Believe and you will achieve.

See you on Monday night, Rob


Sunday 14th October - Richmond Castle 10k 11am

Sunday 21st October - Shaun Lee Johnston 10-mile race. Mostly off road, near Boroughbridge 11am start

Sunday 28th October - Whixley 10k. 11am. A multi-terrain run 95% off road 10k run across fields, tracks and bridal ways. A scenic run around Whixley and the surrounding area

Sept 30th - Lockton Limping Fell Race. 7 miles, 1083 ft climb. Sun am e.o.d
Oct 7th - Bridlington Half Marathon – road. V. undulating. Sun am
Nov 4th - Guy Fawkes 10 – road race. 4 significant hills! Sun am
Dec 2nd – Fox Rush Farm, Redcar cross country – NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED
(e.o.d - enter on the day, at race)

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