Rob’s weekly blog and training update w/c 02/12/19


70 people coming to the Harriers 2019 Christmas Party Night –at The Angel Inn, Topcliffe – 7pm for 7:30pm meal, DJ ’til midnight


Fell race: Eskdale Eureka, 14.3km/470m, Eskdale Inn, Langburn’s Bank, Castleton, YO21 2EU (check necessary kit list)

MONDAY 2ND DECEMBER  (club training night)

Briefing at 7pm, Thirsk School Thirsk School Gym. Clean shoes please. Indoors with Andy.

Outdoors. Ken and Duncan are taking an outside group.

4mins easy;

3mins hard effort / 30secs walk or jog recovery x 6;

4mins easy together.

Total 29mins


Also 7pm Swimming pool. Molly continues the walking and talking group.

TUESDAY 3RD DECEMBER  (social run*)

Social run from Thirsk and Sowerby leisure centre at 7pm (meet in foyer) on well-lit paths and pavements. Suitable for all abilities; there will be several stops to run back/regroup, no-one runs by themselves or gets left behind. New and returning Tuesday night runners always welcome.

Route to be decided on the night, around 5 miles. Please wear high vis.

WEDNESDAY 4TH DECEMBER  (club training night)

6:45pm, Thirsk School. Sports Hall.

Sportshall. Bleep test. designed to test your anaerobic, physical and mental strength. It’s simply toy against bleep.

Please arrive early because you need to be fully warmed up. We will split into two groups. Using you 5k speed as a guide. Those that run over 25 minutes to run in the first group. Those under 25 minutes in the second group. While one group is taking part in the test then the resting group can do a simple session of core work. ( Nigel to keep time. Please!!) At the interval then we just swop sides. All this takes a little setting up but should provide a good and worthwhile work out. Come along and enjoy it.


 THURSDAY 5TH DECEMBER  (social run*)

7pm sharp, Starting from Kilburn just past the white houses (winter route).


Bring a clean t-shirt and some beer tokens for refreshments afterwards.


NYSD Cross Country (see separate email) CHANGE OF VENUE



* social runs are not a club training night and therefore not covered by our insurance.  Please enjoy these nights under your own risk.

Message from the head-coach:

The short, dark days coming up to Christmas are not too inspiring to encourage us to go out and run. We all need a little nudge from time to time. Try not to think about the big picture. Get changed, put on your shoes then just come along and join in. Once you have done the session is the time to judge whether it was worthwhile doing it or not, not when you are in the warmth of your home after a day’s work!! If you need a little help, then please just give me a call because I like nudging people from time to time.

My favourite animal is the Cheetah and there aren’t too many of them left in the wild. If you see one when you are on safari you are very, very lucky. Last week Christine and I saw ten including a mother with four, three month old cubs. This is all part of a rewilding programme in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where pet/tame Cheetah are purchased from the USA and Arab nations where it seems most of them are kept as status symbols. It’s all about trying to spread the gene pool. Once the numbers increase the idea is to spread them out among game reserves throughout South Africa. All this is new and innovative and at a cost of one million pounds per Cheetah is rather expensive. We had the pleasure of watching Mum teaching her cubs how to hunt, watching a full adult accelerating to maximum speed is a wonderful sight. It’s good to see something positive for a change but I was told the first one to be released wasn’t quick enough to escape the claws of a lion and didn’t last much more than a week!!

Almost a year ago Christine and I ( well, mostly me!!) bought a holiday from a charity auction. The charity benefited from our donation, the lodge where we stayed provided work where there wasn’t any employment and Christine and I stayed in a 5 star luxury beyond our wildest dreams. The main aim was of course is to see the wildlife but it’s not very often I get the chance to sit in a roll top bath with a glass of wine and a pair of binoculars and look out over the equivalent of the Vale of York and look for elephants!! Our day started at 4.30 am with a game drive between 5 and 8. On return it was a quick change into my running kit, our guide took me to the entrance of the game park 15 minutes away and I was allowed to run on a game farm surrounded by springbok, kudu, giraffe and so on. Definitely no cats. A 40 to 50 minute run on a dusty trail and not see another single person. Back to the entrance just in time to catch a lift back to the Lodge. A steady hour having breakfast looking out over the game reserve, then shower, change and down to the wellness centre for a leg massage and deep relaxation. I do wish they would stop playing the same old repetitive music, all I seem to do is keep falling to sleep!!!  Believe it or not, I am the only person who has asked to be able to run on the game reserve in the twelve years the Lodge has been going. I wonder why?



Trail Series – starting at 10 am, enter on the day

Race 3 – 22nd December – Santa 5k Trail (TBC)

Preston Park, Yarm Rd, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3RH

Race 4 – 26th January – The Acorn 5k Trail

Acorn Sports Centre, Heythrop Dr, Acklam, Middlesbrough TS5 8QB

Race 5 – 23rd February – Holme House Prison 5k Trail (All the money for this event goes to charity)

Holme House Rd, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2QU

Series Presentation Race 6: 22nd March – Saltburn 5k Trail (TBC)

Fell Races (check necessary kit list)

Dec 1st – Eskdale Eureka, 14.3km/470m, Eskdale Inn, Langburn’s Bank, Castleton, YO21 2EU

Dec 27th – Guisborough Woods, 8.8km/376m, Guisborough Rugby Club, Belmangate



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