Relays The Most Fun You Can Have In A Vest

Relays.    There seems to be some confusion, anyone can run them, all you have to do is be a paid up member and on the day you must wear a club vest. We only wanted you to run the time trial so we can help find the fastest runners to help pick the fastest team!! Please turn up at least an hour before you run so we can register the teams and look out for Mervin or Christine, your team captains.The start ( and finish) area is just behind the swimming pool.
Women race 2pm      Men  3pm
I will be down at the Athletic Club to mark out at 10.30 AM, we should be able to mark out quite quickly if a few turn out. During the afternoon we could probably do with a couple of pointer type people to point people in the right direction but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Stray dogs are more likely to get in the way!!
Monday 12th March  7pm Thisk school gym
Wednesday 14th March 7pm Thirsk school sports hall           3 x 6min/ 2min rec.         Bet you will enjoy this one!

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

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