Race Report 25/08/20

Marc and Bev Davies were away on holiday during the time they could have done the club’s World Mountain Challenge in Kilburn Woods so they decided to do their own challenge in the form of climbing Points de Nantaux, a height of 2170 metres, above Morzine if France.  Very well done.  Marc also took on the KMV , a 1km vertical challenge normally held in September, where the fastest person up wins, and both these feats show he’s in a super fit state after a long lay off last year.  Bev meanwhile did her longest ever run, a half marathon distance, actually 13.8 miles, over a course which was definitely on the hilly side including 766 m of ascent, and took a commendable 2h 58 min.  The downside is that on returning from France, they will have to quarantine for a couple of weeks!

Gavin and Hilary Coventry also like their hills, and they covered 15 miles, 2290 feet of ascent, taking in Barkstone Edge, Knock Fell and Mallan Hill.

Next week’s virtual [popup_anything id=”7959″] race, quite flat and on road, will be a complete contrast for them.

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