Rob’s Weekly Blog and training update w/c 10/08/15

Monday 10th August.   7pm.  Flatts.  Swimming Pool car park.
Sonja will be back with us unless she fancies a spot of horse racing!!
Tuesday 11th August.  7pm.  Athletic club. Steady run.
Wednesday 12th August 7pm Athletic club.
2 x (8x 1 min/1rec)   3 mins between sets.
Sunday 9th August.   Darlington 10k   Club championship race.  Your target time should be 2 times your recent 5k time + 1-2 mins.  Good luck and I hope it goes well. Sorry not to be with you but send me a text or drop me a line and let me know how you have done. I’m a bit fed up of watching at the moment and Christine is a little under par as well so we will be resting up (probably biking)

keep smiling and see you soon,


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