More Fun Than Ken Dodd And Not As Painful

Hi Everyone,
Monday 5th November. 7pm.   The school will be open so we are in the gym.    What a brilliant turn out last week and I bet there were a few little legs going faster last week than they have been going for quite some time. It made a change from paddling about in the mud and it was fun. I wish we had a camera present when we finished. All those smiles. It was like being at a Ken Dodd show.
Wednesday 7th November. 7pm.  Sports Hall    5 x 3 mins/11/2 Rec. little easier this week after 3 hard weeks. Again a good turn out for the time trial. Sorry it was wet but I never did think you were all softies. I just wonder if Steve managed to sort out the timing!!
Since Christine and I retired a couple of years ago we seem to be busier than ever. We get lots and lots of lovely gardens to work in and lots and lots of lovely people to work for. This last week we have a garden with a mile of hedging, all 3-4 metres high to cut. More of a challenge than a problem. We were thinking it is probably time to throw away our hand shears and buy one of those new petrol cutters!! It could make life easier. What I’m really trying to say is our garden is looking a bit of a mess and it’s time I got out there and did something about it.
                                                      See you soon, Rob

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