Milk The Sunny Weather

Monday 23rd July.    More core work down at the Athletic Club, 7pm. Even though Sonja is on holiday she has sent me a big list to keep you busy. It is very much like last week (actually, it is last weeks) so don’t forget to bring your weights. Margaret, put milk in your bottle this next week. Apparently it is cheaper than water. Sadly it weighs just the same.
Wednesday 25th July. White Horse bottom Car Park. 7pm. Time trial and Barbecue. Tesco Nigel has come up trumps and has delivered some fuel but please provide your own food. We could do with a good stoker to light the fires and keep an eye on them. Any volunteers!! We could also do with the odd time keeper if you are doing nothing on the night.  ( sorry Steve, I wasn’t meaning you are odd.  It’s just that we could do with odd time keeper so you could run!!)
 Are you all looking forward to the Olympics? Christine and I are. All the times we have set our alarms at different times of the night during our life time so we could watch athletes compete live. This time it will all unfold in front of our eyes at a reasonable time. The tickets we bought for the games was to see Chris Hoy in the individual sprints but sadly, we were told yesterday that he has been dropped but I believe the replacement is even better. We are going to enjoy it all just the same. I hope you have all been watching Bradley Wiggins over in France. It’s just the boost we all needed.
                                   See you all soon and lets enjoy this sunshine while we can.    
                                                                                                                                     Regards, Rob

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