Man v Donkey

Monday 25th March 7pm Thirsk school gym.    Last indoor sessions this winter. Sune challenge wk.4

Wednesday 27th March 7pm Thirsk school. Sports Hall then the a time trial. Station road. Last chance to post a time before the Easter Handicap which is being held on Wednesday, 3rd April. I will be out this next week to buy the easter eggs. Prizes to all runners but please bring a few nibbles for afterwards at the Athletic Cub.

Wednesday 17th April. Training session on the Scarborough Sands.  Maybe man v donkey!! We have provisionally booked two minibuses. We have enough names already to fill one, but if you intend coming, please let me know ASAP. I also need numbers so I can book the chippy afterwards.  I have found a sponsor for the transport so you will only have to pay for your supper!
Earlier today I went for a run in Kilburn woods. 3-4 inch of virgin snow. Wonderful. Gosh, I did enjoy it. 20 mins warm up and 30 mins hard effort.(race pace). I wonder if there could be a way of keeping a strip of snow, year round, just to run on. It has never been a problem for me to do a hard session, I’m easily motivated. The problem has always been getting the body in shape to do an hard session.
See you tomorrow, Rob

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