Long Reps The Way To Mo

Thank you Marian for not only saying you fancied organising a short road race but actually rolling your sleeves up, no fuss and you did it. You did great. Most of  those who actually ran it should have enjoyed it. Yes, it did hurt but it was supposed to. It was flat, short and the weather was ideal for a fast time.
Feed back time!!  Do we hold another one? Could it be part of a triangle club championship with, say Easingwold and Ripon. Why travel miles to run a first class race when there is one on the door step. I was a little disappointed we didn’t have any runners from Easingwold. Nothing I like better than racing against our neighbours and beating them!! Lots to think about but again, thank you Marion.
Remember Monday(27th) is bank holiday but Sonja did say she would be down at the Athletic Club, 7pm. Something about tyres and ropes!!
Wednesday (29th) is now at the Athletic Club 7pm.  Again we will be doing long reps and the summer handicap will now be the week after.
We all have special moments in our lives which we remember. First time we met our partners, wedding day, birth of first child, 66 world cup!!etc but 2 weeks last saturday night was another  one for me. The mens 5k at London 12. With 2 laps to go Christine and I were on our feet in front of the tv and by the time Mo crossed the finish line we were bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Fantastic. Mo had not only beaten but stuffed the best in the world on our front doorstep. All of us from all walks of life really enjoyed it. Team GB gave us all some thing to be proud of, proud to be British and once more we are good at something. The first thing I did after the race was to phone a friend in the USA to ask him what he thought of it and can you believe it, he was out shopping! London 12 was not broadcast on live tv in the USA, he had to wait for tv highlights at night but he did also remind me of the 4 x 100 relays!!
             I’ll tell you the second thing I did next week.
                       see you soon, Rob

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