Last Chance For Circuits

Hi Everyone.
Tomorrow. Thirsk 10 mile road race.  We will see you all at the racecourse in the early morning. 9am briefing.We seem to have our Thirsk10 hot weather of old back for a change and tomorrow says it is to be hot and sunny.  Marion would also like to see us all at the Raj, 7pm tomorrow night. Please ensure you put your name down.
Monday 26th 7pm. Thirsk school gym. Sonja and I would like to try something just a little different, see if you like it!!
Wednesday 28th 7pm. Thirsk school sportshall.  Last chance for circuits in side this term followed by the monthly time trial. Are you improving?
Did you all see John Bishop on Thursday night? A lot of people did. A brilliant effort and did you notice he didn’t even flinch when he dunked himself in a bath full of cold water. He must have been suffering because believe you me, it is painfull. Yes, I did make a donation and yes, I did shed a tear when he met the mother who had just lost  her little baby. Don’t we have a lot lot of sadness in this big, beautiful world of ours. Can we really help all those poor people we saw on the tv? Perhaps not but at least we can try.
Best wishes and see you soon, Rob  (tomorrow morning )

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

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