Kilburn 7 Gets Sticky

Monday 9th July 7pm Athletic Club
Wednesday 11th July. 7pm Athletic Club
Thursday 12th July. 6pm Athletic Club. We have the last Harogate evening league race (Handicap) at Ripon. I just wonder what the conditions will be like and what type of shoe to wear. Please remember it will be quite a much earlier start for some of us.
Today it is the Kilburn 7, the last championship race for a while. It does forecast rain but it is looking good at the moment. Parking could be a sticky problem!!
It just keeps raining and the grass keeps growing. You wouldn’t want to be a gardener or an ice cream salesman on the White Horse carpark this year. We had a nice old lady enquire this week to see if we could help her in the garden. She is in her 80’s and her daughter doesn’t like her climbing ladders to cut the hedges any more. This year alone she has had two gardeners retire due to ill health!! However, I do know she bakes a lovely scone and makes a topping cup of coffee. Maybe we could just cut her lawns!!!
See you soon, Rob

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