Half Term But No Let Up

Christine and I have just come back from a run in Kilburn woods. The snow was taking a stud nicely and we really enjoyed it.
Next week is half term week so we have no school open, however I have been thinking!!
If you fancy a run on Monday night (13th) Christine and I will be going down to the Athletic Club and if you fancy joining us for 40/45 minutes social, steady run we’d be pleased to see you. This will be off road, around the field but we will be starting at 7pm prompt. I will open the changing rooms so you will have somewhere warm to meet. (I know it might sound boring but so is Coronation Street).
Wednesday night (15th )7pm, also at the Athletic Club will be a bit more serious ( 8 x 2 mims/ 1 rec ) but will be on the same field. This means we can all stay together, suffer as a group and not lose anyone in the process. We seem to be in a bit of a cold spell at the moment so a silly hat might be appropriate!.
Regards Rob

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