Good things come in threes!

                   Monday 24th June.   
We have a race meeting down at Thirsk. 7pm.  Please meet at the Car park, Kilburn Woods. LHS at the top of Osgoodby bank between Bagby and Kilburn. A short, half mile jog to a slight slope where we can carry on with our sprints which Sonja has had us doing over past few weeks. ( No hiding behind the trees!!)

                   Wednesday 26th June. 7.45pm. 
HDRSL Wetherby. Yet another club championship race so no organised club night. Cars leave Athletic club  6.15pm. A much shorter race than Richmond with much shorter hills. Yet another downhill finish aswell. Gosh, we are getting spoilt. Lets put all the recent, hard training to use and enjoy it .  They’ll all get a shock down at Thirsk, we don’t have any hills but we do have some fast sections. I think they hurt more than the hills.
We don’t have a time trial this month but I am hoping to do a three way one on the 17th July ( with a barbie). Watch this space!!
Lets keep thinking of Gavin doing the Bob Graham Round. I did work it out once that it was roughly equal to running up and down the White Horse road, from top to bottom twice in every hour for 24 hours. Sad thing about it, he thinks it’s quite the normal thing to do. Go on Gav, you can do it.
Things do happen in threes, sometimes good, sometimes not.
1. Yesterday morning we had a lawnmower started sending out lots of smoke. Didn’t sound too good but it was under warrantee so it should work out fine.
2. We had a large invoice from our accountant  but he has reduced our tax bill quite a lot so that was fine also.
3.  I went for a run in Kilburn woods last night. My usual hilly time trial. I set off steady and I didn’t have one single ache. I was soon up to speed but wanted to go faster. So i did.  I                             pushed all the way up to the top of the angled path and back and not one single ache. I was 4 mins faster than my previous last time trial  a month ago and this was after the heavy wednesday night. ( Do you remember, 4×5 mins).This does not happen very often. Actually, it hasn’t happened for a very long time so I’m wondering if Christine has started to put something in my tea!! Is anyone else achieving some good times lately?? and just be careful if Christine offers to buy you a drink!!

I like nice things to happen in threes.

Have a good weekend,


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