Christmas Handicap Last Chance For A Christmas Present

Monday 10th December. 7pm. school.  We have now a slot in the gym. I’m sure it will be warmer inside if the weather forecast is anyhting to go by.
Wednesday 12th december. 7pm School Sportshall. Outside group. 4 x 5mins/ 2min rec. Inside. Paul is in charge once more so be prepared to burn!!
Christmas Handicap. Wednesday 19th. 7pm. Athletic Club will be our base. There will be no School before hand.   Distance 2 mile. Starting at the Station Approx 19.20 hrs. Anyone wearing christmas clothing will start 15seconds earlier. Everyone who runs will get a prize. Please bring nibbles for after the run. Do we have a volunteer to help with time keeping, please?     Most important of all.Once finished, stay in line until your name has been taken. This all helps to give everyone an accurate time. If the paths are slippy we will probably go to Athletic Club field. We do not cancell!!
Relays. This year,for the first time,  the NEW YEAR RELAY is being held on Saturday 29th December on the Knavesmire, York. 11am. Christine and I will be running and I have quite a few more names. If you fancy a go, give me a shout so we can enter before the day. You will need spikes. I used to run these at least 30 years ago when they were held on the roads around the city walls. It was fun running between cars and dodging through the lights on red but it was moved to the knavesmire on safety grounds in the 90’s.  It’s a lot more calmer event nowadays.

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