Chase The Easter Egg

What a good turn out today and we were all blessed with a lovely flat course and a cool sunny day. Perfect!! I know it has meant a lot of work for Ian to work out the championship results but it is good to see so many Thirsk vests at races. A big thank you to Phil for showing us all the way home ( did you smell rubber as he went past? ) and an even bigger thank you to Graham for not coming past me in the final stages of the race. During the race I committed the worst offence by starting off too fast, I went through the 2 mile mark a full minute faster than my time trial of Wednesday night and from then on suffered from blurred vission and at one stage the will to live. Other than that, I quite enjoyed it!!
Monday night. 7pm. Athletic club. You will require warmer clothing than in the gym but this will be a good oppertunity for newer members and those on the fringe to come along and start a new programme. Come and have a bit of fun.
Wednesday night. 7pm. prompt.( It is still dark quite early and we need to start the first runners off 7.20’ish ) Athletic club. Easter Handicap. Young and old, fast or slow. Who ever runs will get an Easter egg- a big one for the winner and a smaller one for everyone else. Now come on, you don’t have to be shy. Lets see a good turn out. Once again the distance is 2 miles, xcountry but it will be good going and flat. Please bring along a few nibbles and we will have a ‘get together’ after the run in the club house. If we have some one on the sick, lame and the lazy list who doesn’t want to run but wouldn’t mind doing a little time keeping, results etc then please do come along. Let’s not always leave it to Steve because like us all, he does like to run.
Chuckle moment.
Christine and I went to the race with Mervin and on the way up we called for a pit stop at a service station. Once refreshed, Mervin jumped back in the car and said, right, we’ll be on our way. We were just entering the slip road to join the A19 when I said, don’t you think we had better wait for Christine? He hadn’t noticed she wasn’t in the car and was still in the toilet.

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