Chairman Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I sincerley hope you all have a good time and do not eat or drink too much during the festive season.
To all members who have carried an injury during 2011 I hope you all recover very soon and get back to your full potential.
We are as a Club maintaining a steady membership level and the only down side is our Junior Club which we are currently having a problem with fitting into the school / gym timetable, your Committee is looking into how best to resolve this issue.
One other issue is we tend to lose members after a few months with the Club, it is not easy to pin point why this happens, if anyone has any ideas on how we can address this issue please e-mail me.
It is a goal of mine to get a vibrant and growing number of younger athletes into your Club, as 2012 is Olympic year Sports England are expecting many more people will be inspired to run, lets hope they are correct and as a Club we must ensure we are ready for this potential influx.
Please remember we have 3 important dates for the Club coming up, first is the NYSD XC League which will be held on the Flats on 11th. March, our own 10 Mile run on the 25th. March and the HDSL on the 15th. May.
Merv and Christine will be trying to get as many runners to make up teams for the XC as soon as details are finalised, lets make this a record turn out for the Harriers on our home ground and you do not have to run far as it is a relay, 4 in a team, 2 miles per runner.
We need a lot of help with the T10 so please contact me so we can put a marshal plan together, this is such an important event for the Club to raise funds so it can function so it is not too much to ask members to support it for one day in the year.
If you have any ideas as to how can we improve the Club, Training or more importantly willing to help then e-mail me at
Once again all the best for 2012.
Club Chairman    

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