Brilliant Turnout

What a brilliant turn out last night. ( around 60 )Where do you all come from I wonder, but there is still room for a few more! We still have a few members who are just a little bit shy and not turning out!! Just a reminder to the newer members to stay positive and strong, keep trying and build on what you are doing. Christmas should be your target. I am there to encourage and support, you do all the hard work and hopefully get all the benefits in the future. As a group I thought every last one of you worked well last night. It was a big session and if you are not aching this morning you are either super fit or you didn’t try hard enough.
Christmas dinner, only 3 seats left as of last night and still 6 weeks to go.  Almost double last year’s number. Brilliant and well done Jean.
Next week, both Monday and Wednesday at the school. 7pm.
I’m sure both Sonja and Alan will give you a good work out, they are both looking forward to seeing you.

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