Brilliant Turnout

Hi to you all;

What a brilliant turn out. 42 runners plus supporters etc. making well over 60 in total. Fantastic course and setting and a big thank you Pat and Ernie for such a wonderful supper. Pity about the weather but if you let the weather get you down, then I guess you wouldn’t be a runner!!

Congratulations to the winning team of Chris, Paul and Steph. A big well done to the team that came second, due to a small technicality they should have won. ( they didn’t run fast enough ). We now have a full email list up and running ( at last ) and due to the turn out last night it must be working. If you change your address or would like to be added to the list please send it to Gavin. Also if you want anything to go around members please bounce it through Gavin first. ( especially if you are having a party!! )

Monday 29th Aug, 7pm Athletic club.
Sonja continues with fun and games on the big cricket field, don’t be late.

Wednesday 31st Aug. 7pm Athletic club.
Hold on to your hats! 4 x 6mins / 2 mins recovery. Big session once more but you have all proved you can do it. If you are struggling a bit try for a 4 minute effort with a longer recovery. This will be the last session at the Athletic club this summer so lets make it a big turn out. The week after is the summer handicap at Wass woods and from then onwards we will be at the school.

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