Big Thanks To Bowls And The Rain

Monday 20th August. 7pm Athletic Club.  The last horse race is due to finish at 5.30pm so we should be ok. By the time we arrive everything should have been put away but please be careful where you put your feet when crossing the race course!!
Wednesday this week doesn’t exist. This week we meet on the Thursday (23rd). 6.30’ish onwards in the village of Sessay where Marian has organised a 6k road race. You may think this is an odd distance but this is how far it is to make it a full 1 lap race. Had she not gone metric the race would have had to be called the “Sessay Swift not quite four miles road race”. I’m sure you all agree that the “Sessay Swift Six” rolls off the tongue a lot easier. You can enter on the night if you haven’t already done so.
The last wednesday in the month is supposed to be the summer handicap but we have a double booking!!. It will now be held the week after, same time, 6.45 for 7 in Wass woods. (September 5th)  Please be prompt. For those who get a little anxious about running in the woods at night, they may be better running with someone.

I think we ought to say a big thank you to the bowls club who were rained off last wednesday night and donated their supper to the harriers. Thankyou. Obviously, when your bowls are wet you can no longer play. Thankfully, being a runner I don’t have the same problem.
                                                                           See you soon, Rob

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