Andy Butcher’s Marathon Training – Month 1

Marathon training Month 1

Well the first month started with new trainers, running tights and a new florescent (early morning late night running. An official steady run on to start off my training New Year’s Day, all going well so far 85.69 ran (as per my Garmin GPS) including a cross country at Hartlepool (I was blowing out of different orifices up and down them there hills) but still enjoyable. Good training sessions with Sonja and Peter the Beast-master on Wednesdays (reminds me of being back in the Army) “YES STAFF!!!!!!” no walking in the gym I can get away with it now. Then I was struck down with the dreaded Man Flu (it is not a myth it really exists)
Still suffering with a bit of a chesty cough which my wife Ali is getting annoyed at. Finished off my first ever parkrun at Fountains Abbey which was really good and I had a good pace maker aged 7 who was fantastic at running and never stopped all the way around, here’s to the next month’s training!

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