Committee Members


Position Name
Chairman Helen Ashworth
Vice-Chair Hilary Coventry
Membership Secretary Trish Radford
General Secretary Tracy Hayden
Treasurer Geoff Bullock
Mens Captain Tom Levi
Ladies Captain Rosie Gatenby
Webmaster Liz Wordsworth
Head Coach Rob Burn
Member Sharon Keegan
Member Adrian Saunders
Member Matt Jones
Member Jody Sygrove
Member Andy Butcher
Member Martyn Coy
Member – co-opted Jemma Cropper



Duncan Fothergill – Chairman

I became a member of Harrier in January 2014 and soon fell in love with the club (and it’s members) and was made men’s captain in the same year.  I understand that elected as the men’s captain wasn’t down to my running ability but more about my eagerness to make things happen.  During my 3 years, I’ve tried to encourage as many members as possible to run in our vast range of races in the area; I’ve also ensured that both the Harrogate league and cross-country races hosted by ourselves were a great success.

I look forward to the challenges ahead for Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers and will take on the role as chair with 100% effort.

Ken Wood – Vice-Chair

I joined Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers 6 years ago after spending some time running on my own, primarily to get fit and to get into shape! I never had any aspirations of competing at any level, you could say I was just happy plodding along. Been involved with the Harriers very quickly improved my running and general fitness and been in a group environment brought about a hidden competitive streak which I felt more and more compelled to test. Small scale local races were the starting point where I began to find my level, before moving a little further afield with slightly more challenging races and competitors. I have found Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers to be a great all-inclusive club, with great coaches where you can take part at any level.


Trish Radford – Membership Secretary

Here to prove you’re never too old, I didn’t start running until I was 50. Ran mostly on my own until moving to Thirsk, when I joined the Harriers. Great to have encouragement and support.


Tracy Hayden – General Secretary

After doing some running on my own I was finally persuaded by one of the club members to join – best thing I ever did – great bunch of people always ready with words of encouragement when needed (at the moment this is often!)


Geoff Bullock – Treasurer

Born & bred in Sowerby(100 metres from the Crown & Anchor)

Life member of Felixstowe Road Runners(during my time “abroad” in the South of England)
Joined Harriers, in 1984, on my return to North Yorkshire.
Lifelong runner now a V70-represented Thirsk School in the North Riding championships.
Also enjoy walking, travelling, game & clay pigeon shooting.
Harriers is a great all round club where I enjoy the encouragement and the many opportunities for banter
Martyn Coy – Mens Captain

Injury forced me to quit playing football 8 years ago and I started running to keep fit. Running with the Harriers has been great and has led to me running my first marathon and taking part in triathlons. I’m a committee member and currently men’s captain.


Olivia Mulligan – Ladies Captain

I found running when I was 18 years old. Through my early teens, diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, I was very ill and weak and any kind of physical activity, goodness forbid any competitive athletics, seemed totally impossible. However, slowly but surely I have built up (thanks to Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers) and running and competing in many ways, is now my medicine – it makes me feel strong. I am thrilled to be Ladies Captain and to have achieved a 1.27 half marathon time. I am passionate about sharing the love of running with others. 

Liz Wordsworth – Webmaster
Rob Burn – Head Coach

Rob Burn, started running at the age of twenty eight during the running boom in the early eighties and have been a member of Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers ever since.
I have always been in to competitive sport with football being my first choice but like to take part in any team game! I love running hills, trails and country but don’t mind running anywhere if the body will let me.
I came into coaching simply because no one else would do it however I do love to encourage and to motivate.
Also from time to time I’ve been known to be just that little bit competitive.

Nigel Morgan – General Member

I joined Harriers in the mid 1990s. I played football, cricket and squash. The Harriers encouraged me from night one, and now I have run lots of races, from the monthly time trials (against yourself) up to marathons. I have always had lots of encouragement from club members. I am now a committee member, leader in running and also a club first aider.


Sharon Keegan – General Member

I first joined Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers in 1995, prior to this I was a member of Barnet and District Athletic club.

I was shocked at being only one of three female members when I first joined T & SH, how times have changed!

Due to family life and injuries getting in the way of being a committed athlete, I think I have spent more time on the committee; however I strongly believe that without volunteers forming a supportive committee and coaches, we wouldn’t have the thriving club we all enjoy.

Tom Levi – General Member

I joined Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers when I moved to Thirsk in 2016. I found a really welcoming group of people; a great place to train and socialise.

With the help of some fantastic coaches at the club, I’ve managed to run that bit quicker, enjoy it that much more… and become just a bit competitive at times.

I’m happy to join the T&SH committee as I learn more and more that it takes a lot of effort from a lot of people to make things happen. I’m looking forward to helping other members of the club and “giving a bit back” after receiving so much during my time at the club.



Helen Ashworth – General Member

I came to running via the Race for Life with some girl friends 14 years ago.  One year later I joined Harriers and started competitive road running.  The last 6 years, the beautiful fells round here called me off the roads and I now hate tarmac!  Without doubt joining Harriers has been one of my best adult decisions both mentally and physically.

Hilary Coventry- General Member
Drikus van der Westhuizen- General Member

Hello, my name is Drikus van der Westhuizen, mostly known as the “most enthusiastic, unenthusiastic runner in the club!” I have been at the running club since 2005, accompanying my mum, sitting and watching all the athletes training. It feels like family and they saw me growing up. I really enjoy being part of an amazing club, it feels like you are making new friends and learn new skills all the time. I found the club very supportive and inclusive. The club embraces all abilities and I am proud to be a member and to serve on the committee.

I am a Leader in Running Fitness, and also did my Sports First Aid Qualification.

I did the Great North Run in 2016.

Jemma Cropper – General Member (co-opted)

I have suffered from depression for over 3 years and been on medication. I started running with the harriers nearly a year ago and over this time I have been medication free and I feel better within myself. I feel that the biggest help has been running.




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Sunday 15th March 2020

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