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Race Report 13/07/21

As the restrictions over the pandemic look like being reduced and actual races are being organised, the need for Virtual Races is also reduced, and after 28 of these, the pressure on Rob Burn to come up with the goods is also reduced!  This does not reduce their popularity, and the latest one, the virtual HDSRL organised by TSH along the Cleveland Way from Sutton Bank to Snek Yat and back, a total of about 7 miles, attracted 72 finishers.  The weekend had forecast thunder and lightning with rain, but in the event, it was very warm and sunny at times – maybe too warm for running – and if you did get a shower, you were unlucky.  This was another event when the best ladies made a foray into the top 10 finishers, with Gemma Tutty 1st lady and 6th overall in 51.58.  2nd lady was consistent and competitive Trudy Morrice, 7th overall in 52.49, Bronwyn Mayo 3rd, and 9th overall in 53.23, Lorraine Hiles 4th in 56.02, Kirsty Naylor 5th in 58.02, Hilary Coventry 6th in 62.52, the ever improving Sarah Harrison 7th in 62.34, Andrea Colls 8th in 62.36, Clare Tempest 9th in 64.26 and Sonja van der Westhuisen 10th in 64.50.
Paul Peacock, who loves this sort of race (well, any sort, really!) recorded the fastest time of 43.32, with Tom Levi 2nd in 44.03, Matt Jones 3rd in 47.55, Joe Poole 4th in 49.33, Josh Cooper 5th in 50.58, Rob Burn (and who could be more consistent and competitive than Rob?) 6th in 52.49, Alan Simpson 7th in 53.42, Adrian Elsworth 8th in 54.18, Mike Lowther 9th in 54.20 and Jody Sygrove 10th in 54.46.
Others taking part, in time order, were Joe Lofthouse, Gary Bastow, David Tervit, Andy Butcher, Paul Bradford, Brett Edgeworth, Pedro Carrasco, Gary Wilkinson, Duncan Fothergill, Elloit Readman, Lee Harris-Harmer, Goeff Bullock, Adrian Saunders, Mike Cropper, Dave Baker, Dave Wood, Marc Davies, Gavin Coventry, Tracey Lowther, Paul Goacher, Louise Mayfield, Trish Radford, Ken Evitt, Joanne Hunt, David Palmer, Lucy Sillars, James Stephenson, Alison Butcher, Ruth Pollard, Steve Billings, Joe Joyce, Chris Wordsworth, Liz Wordsworth, Richard Easby, Stephanie Hawkins, Clare Jones, Margaret Wikeley, Christine Burn, Bev Davies, Ellen Brookes, Pat Kirby, Phillip Craig, Hugh Jenyns, Sarah Goacher, Craig Atherton, Maureen Worley, Liz Stephenson, Sharon Keegan, Denise Gandy, Kimberli Werner, Ian Codling and Marian Codling.
The Harrogate and District Summer Race League is organising a few virtual races of its own, and this was one of them, with members of other participating clubs invited to take part.  There will be a couple of actual races as well as two or three more virtual races, for which runners must sign up if they want to be involved.
Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers are always welcoming to new members and anyone wondering about giving us a try should turn up at about 6.40 pm at the track at Sowerby Gateway on any Monday or Wednesday evening.

Race Report 04/07/21

The Hooded Horse Trail race takes place each year – though not last year – as a memorial to Ben Cambell who died a few years ago at a young age, and who really enjoyed trail running.  This is a toughie, beginning at the foot of the White Horse and with various twists and turns, ups and downs, in the vicinity of Kilburn Woods, and with a sting in the tail uphill to the finish.  There were 85 finishers of this local, friendly, race of whom about 25% were Thirsk and Sowerby members, with several more acting as marshals.  Tom Levi, in tremendous form just now, was the winner in 46.05 minutes with Andrew Price in 5th place, 47.18, Matt Jones 8th in 50.40, Kieran Leppard 11th in 53.50, Joe Pooe 12th in 54.11, and Alan Simpson 14th in 55.18.  Gemma Tutty in 16th place was 2nd lady finisher in 55.43, Bronwyn Mayo 27th, and 4th lady, in 59.09, 32nd, Marc Davies in 61.18, Kirsty Naylor 41st in 60.33, Fran Jeffery 42nd in 63.33, Rosie Gatenby 47th in 66.13, Helen Ashworth 49th in 68.38, Dave Wood 55th in 73.13, Faith Coy 58th in 74.18, Steph Hawkins 61st in 75.15, Will Jagger 64th in 76.49, Ruth Pollard 68th in 78.46, Tim Waistell 69th in 79.29, and Molly Kirkhope 80th in 91.14.  All were universal in praise of this very enjoyable event – if you like that sort of thing!
The Club’s latest session for beginners, very successfully lead by Tom Levi and his team, has just come to an end, with 15 or so of them doing a park run type run laid out by Rob Burn on the track at Sowerby Gateway.  Present members were on hand to support and cheer, and afterwards, they could also run the course, sending in their times to the notaparkrun park run.  Rob Burn took 22.24, ever present Gary Wilkinson 23.54, David Tervit 23.56, Geoff Bullock 24.37, Pete Jackson 26.12, Ken Evitt 27.59, Dave Baker 29.34, Beth Haggath 29.40, Christine Burn 32.23, Sarah Harrison 32.51, Maureen Worley 35.50, Gillian Crane 36.55, Liz Stephenson 36.59, Denise Gandy 39.00, Bev Davies 39.28, Andrea Colls 39.41 and Hugh Jenyns 41.42.  We look forward to welcoming people from the Beginners’ Group into the club.  Well done everyone.

Race Report 22/06/21

Fathers’ Day may not be the optimum day, in the eyes of some families, to hold a running event, but nevertheless, 18 teams of at least 16 runners, including fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers, sons and daughters, entered the Cleveland Way Relay from Filey to Helmsley, about 110 miles, on June 20th.  Rain had been forecast for days, but in the event, it was only wet for the very early departure from Thirsk to be at Filey for a 5 am start, and the rest of the day was good for running.  There are 16 “legs” varying in length from just over 8 miles down to about 3.5 miles.  Each team must have at least one lady, and an all female team is allowed 1 man.  The changeover places are specified but you can choose your own route, with a few exceptions.
 Joe Poole was the first runner for the club’s “Compete” A team standing in at the last minute and valiantly swapping his 4 pm start for the 5 am slot!  He ran a solid leg, handing over to Matt Jones in Scarbrough with TSH in 5th place.  Matt managed to gain a place before handing over to Paul Peacock at Cloughton Wyke, who headed for Ravenscar to pass the “baton” to Sarah Fairhurst.  Sarah’s leg was to Robin Hood’s Bay, handing on to Ken Wood to continue to Whitby.  Next up was Adam Leigh, who ran a strong leg with arguably one of the toughest finishes – 300 feet descent down slippery steps to the beach at Runswick Bay, across the beach as the tide was coming in, then up a near-vertical sandy, ie slippery, road to hand over to Mile Lowther waiting 300 ft up at the top.  The team were in 5th place at this point.  
Mike made good progress over to Skinningrove to find Andrew Price waiting to begin his journey of about 8.5 miles and 1000 feet of climb on one of the most difficult legs to Slapewath.  Next up was Joe Lofthouse, who really did have the toughest leg of the day with 1400 feet of climb, some of it straight up Roseberry Topping and back down again and back up Little Roseberry.  A small navigational error added even more climbing and meant the club were now in 6th place as Brett Edgeworth and Gemma Tutty set off on their leg from Gribdale to Battersby Moor, the last part of “first part” of the relays, and Josh Cooper took the baton on to Clay Bank with the team still in 6th place and 3 minutes behind 5th paced NYMAC.
At 2 pm there was another mass start to make sure even the slowest teams were in Helmsley in time for the all important fish and chip supper!  Gary Bastow took up this leg, only 3.5 miles but with a very steep climb, 1100 feet. over the Three Sisters – perfect terrain for fell runner, Gary, and he arrived at Carlton Bank to hand over to Chloe Rome, who’s destination was Osmotherly.  She ran fantastically well, considering, in her own words, she hasn’t run many hills and gave the team a fighting chance to improver their position.  It was on to Trudy Morrice and Alan Simpson – who had done a support leg earlier in the day – to run the team on to Sneck Yate.  Trudy arrived looking strong handing over to talisman Rob Burn and Adrian Elsworth for the penultimate leg.  Knowing there was a place in the offing, Rob ran a blinder to the Hambleton Inn, by way of the White Horse, with David Fawkes covering the home run in to Helmsley.  Dave knew the route well and ran a solid time to finish there at 6.23 pm, leaving the team in 5th place overall.
Congratulations to everyone on a superb effort, in what was a thoroughly team bonding exercise after all the months of lockdown.  Runners’ comments on the club’s chat page were full of enthusiastic comments and may have inspired some non-participants to put their names for ward for next year’s race.  
A big thank you to Mark Brown for organising this marvellous event with no entry fee, but £500 was donated to Clevelenand Mountain Rescue, which, like all charities, has had severely reduced funding this year.
The find out how the “Complete” B team got on, look out for next week’s thrilling instalment!

Race Report 18/05/21

The club’s virtual runs continue to attract large numbers of members, and 85 were involved in the latest one, the Nidd Valley HDSRL event – will the league itself have any events now that lockdown restrictions are slowly being reduced?  The out and back course from Stoneybrough to Moor Lane had road and good tracks, with lovely patches of cowslips in the verges, for those who had time to look!  The biggest hazard  was the weather, and choosing a time between heavy showers was sometimes a matter of luck!  Certainly there were muddy patches on the course in places but these were not a problem to Tom Levi, who was once again at the top of the tree, covering the 5.9 mile multi terrain course in 35.25 minutes.  The consistent and speedy Paul Peacock was 2nd in 36.55 with Matt Jones 3rd in 37.26, newish member Kieran Leppard 4th in 39.50, another new member, Joe Poole, 5th in 40.14, just pipping Jack Spence, 6th in 40.15, David Fawkes 7th in 40.50, Rob Burn 8th in 42.11, Alan Simpson 9th in 42.13 and Jody Sygrove 10th in 42.31.
Once again, the first three ladies were hard on the tail of the men, with Sarah Yeoman having an excellent run to finish 9th overall in 42.29, Gemma Tutty 2nd lady in 42.34 and the irrepressible Trudi Morrice 3rd in 42.41.  They were 10th, 12th and 13th overall respectively while Lorraine Hiles in 4th place took 46.24, Kirsty Naylor 5th in 47.08, Beth Leppard 6th in 48.32, Hilary Coventry 7th in 49.27, the improving Andrea Colls 8th in 51.05, just ahead of Clare Tempest 9th in 51.07 with another improving runner, Sarah Harrison, 10th in 51.44. 
Also running were Josh Cooper, Walter Busuttil, Mike Lowther, evergreen Geoff Bullock, Gary Bastow, Brett Edgeworth, Ken Wood, Martyn Coy, Andy Butcher, Gary Wilkinson, Paul Chapman, Dave Baker, David Tervit, Duncan Fothergill, Elliot Readman, Joe Lofthouse, Adrian Saunders, Dave Wood, Stephanie Hawkins, Pedro Carrasco, Tracey Lowther, Sonja van der Westhuisen, Alison Whiteley, Andy Whiteley, Joe Joyce, Steve Billings, Will Jagger, David Palmer, Helen Ashworth, Faith Coy, Sarah Scott, Tim Waistell, Lucy Sillars, Trish Radford, Alison Butcher, Joanne Hunt, Ken Evitt, Paul Goacher, Chris Wordsworth, Liz Wordsworth, Phillip Craig, Ruth Pollard, Christine Burn, Paul Adams, Richard Easby, Margaret Wikeley, Pat Kirby, Ellen Brookes, Clare Jones, Kimberli Werner, Bev Davies, Beth Haggath, Maureen Worley, Alan Wikeley, Craig Atherton, Simon McKeown, Faye Levi, Sharon Keegan, Sarah Goacher, Carol Thompson and Helen Hindmarch, running together and doing one of these events for the first time, Denise Gandy, Siobhan Woodland, Marian Codling, Hugh Jenyns and Rosie Gatenby – the latter two both carrying injuries.
Duncan Fothergill has set himself the task of improving his 5k time, and once again he got a PB 23.39, in notaparkrun park run.  Gary Wilkinson took 26.43, first timer, Katie Rees took 27.40, David Palmer 29.07, Caroline Pearce PB 29.47, Rosie Gatenby 32.17 and Sarah Harrison 32.50.

Race Report 15/06/21

A touch of normality is beginning to return with some externally organised races taking place.  A couple of appropriately named Hardmoors events took place at the weekend, which you could do either Saturday or Sunday, marathon or half marathon, run at the same time!  The start was at Sutton Bank, north along the Cleveland Way to Murton Grange and Rievaulx Abbey, with the marathon covering 28 miles and 1500 m ascent, the half marathon 16.5 miles, 500 m ascent.  (You always get a few bonus miles with Hardmooors events!)  The intrepid Tom Levi came a brilliant 5th out of 165 at Saturday’s Half Marathon event in 2.04.53 with equally intrepid Rosie Gatenby 93rd in 3.12.34 – both Club Captains as it happens!  Phillip Craig took part on Sunday and was 117th out of 131 in 4.21.17.  Paul Chapman tackled the full marathon and came 17th out of 96 in 3.30.28.  A fantastic achievement all round.  
Phillip Craig had also done the Kiplin Hall 10k on Wednesday, two 5k laps in the grounds of Kiplin Hall round the lake on dry, uneven grass with a couple of long inclines – to be recommended, says Phillip.
Meanwhile, the weekend also saw the return of the Burton Leonard 10k, a tough, mostly off road event, which attracted 228 finishers.  Gary Wilkinson was 79th in 53.00 and Kirsty Naylor 80th in 53.04.
A very busy weekend also saw the latest virtual club race, 5 mile Skipton HDSRL event, which could be run any time Thursday to Sunday, along a familiar course from last year in Kilburn Woods.  Some very hot weather added to the testing nature of this course, if you were unlucky, with the out and back route from Osgoody car park up to the hairpin bend on Sutton Bank.  The last mile toward the halfway point was up and bend, up and bend, up and bend, it seemed forever, and the target gate was a very welcome sight.  Coming back should have been easier, but by then, you were shattered!  Tom Levi was fastest, before his Hardmoors, presumably, in 32.30, with Paul Peacock 2nd in 32.53, Matt Jones 3rd in 34.19, Josh Cooper 4th in 35.19, Joe Poole 5th in 37.25, Rob Burn (how does he do it?) 6th in 38.23, Adrian Elsworth 7th in 38.26, David Fawkes 8th in 38.41, Mike Lowther 9th in 38.57 and Adam Leigh 10th in 39.01.  
For the first time for several weeks, there was no lady in the top 10 finishers, and Trudy Morrice came 12th, fastest lady, in 39.20, with new member, Bronwyn Mayo 2nd, 14th finisher, in 39.49, Gemma Tutty 3rd, 16th finisher, in 40.52, Kirsty Naylor 4th in 43.13, Lindsey Collins 5th in 43.40, Hilary Coventry 6th in 44.14, the improving Sarah Harrison 7th in 46.05, Sonja van der Westhuisen 8th in 46.27, Andras Colls 9th in 46.33 and Clare Tempest 10th in 46.42.
Also taking part among the 85 finishers in another of these extremely popular events were Paul Chapman (remember Hardmoors), Alan Simpson, Gary Bastow, Jody Sygrove, Andy Butcher, Dave Baker, Jack Spence, Martyn Coy, Paul Bradford, Brett Edgeworth, Pedro Carrasco, Gary Wilkinson – he also did notaparkrun park run as well as Burton Leonard, Geoff Bullock, Duncan Fothergill, Elloit Readman, Pete Jackson, Marc Davies, David Tervit, Helen Ashworth, Fran Jeffery, Pauline Percy, Tracey Lowther, Dave Wood, Trish Radford, Will Jagger, Faith Coy, Faith Levi, David Palmer, Alison Butcher, Alison Whiteley, Andy Whiteley, Joanne Hunt, Steph Hawkins, Paul Goacher, Lucy Sillars, Chris Wordsworth, Liz Wordsworth, Ken Evitt, James Stephenson, improving Drikus van der Westhuisen, Ruth Pollard, Richard Easby, Margaret Wikeley, Christine Burn, Pat Kirby, Clare Jones, Paul van der Westhuisen, Bev Davies, Kimberli Werner, Alan Wikeley, Bethany Haggath, Ellen Brookes, Craig Atherton, Adrian Saunders – who had a nasty fall after tripping over an uncontrolled dog, Carol Thompson, Helen Hindmarch, Sharon Keegan, Sarah Goacher, Liz Stephenson, Denise Gandy, Angie Weatherhead, Ian Codling, Marian Codling, Hugh Jenyns and Rosie Gatenby – remember Hardmoors!

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