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Sessay Swift Results

1   Josh  Fothergill 22.18
2   Josh  Cooper 22.53
3   Matt  Jones 23.09
4   Paul Peacock 23.20
5   Joe Lofthouse 24.07
6   Peter Winder 24.44
7   Esther Harrison 24.50
8   Rob  Burn 25.24
9   Trudy Morrice 26.00
10   Lorraine Hiles 26.05
11   Sarah  Yeomans 26.06
12   Mike Lowther 26.16
13   Gary Wilkinson 26.17
14   Rob Lickley 26.18
15 G Martin Dobson 26.18
16   Paul Chapman 26.51
17   Gary Bastow 26.54
18   Alan Simpson 27.18
19   Adrian Saunders 27.29
20   Pete Jackson 27.35
21   David Tervitt 27.37
22   Gavin  Coventry 27.44
23   Jack Fisher 27.47
24   David Fawkes 28.18
25   Fran Jeffries 28.27
26   Rosie Gatenby 28.30
27   Kirsty Naylor 28.31
28   Jack Spence 28.40
29 G Matthew Fothergill 28.43
30 G Sam Mann 28.43
31   Andy Butcher 28.44
32   Pedro Carrasco 28.45
33 G Matthew Morrice 28.51
34   Clare Tempest 29.03
35   Richard Morrice 29.18
36   Brett Edgeworth 29.33
37   Paul Bradford 29.34
38   Helen  Ashworth 29.43
39   Hilary Coventry 29.43
40   Martyn Coy 30.09
41   Louise Mayfield 30.27
42   Paul Goacher 30.40
43   Stuart Waters 30.40
44   Steve Billings 31.09
45   Dave Baker 31.12
46   Geoff Bullock 31.15
47   Sonja van der Westhuizen 31.27
48   Paul van der Westhuizen 31.27
49   Tracey Lowther 31.44
50   Duncan Fothergill 31.58
51   James Stephenson 32.07
52   Ken Evitt 32.33
53   Phillip Craig 32.50
54   Jo Hunt 32.58
55   Garry Pearce 33.01
56   Trish Radford 33.32
57   Liz Wordsworth 33.35
58   Chris Wordsworth 33.50
59   Tim Waistell 34.09
60   Paul Adams 34.21
61 G Marianne Morrice 34.43
62   Alison Butcher 35.12
63   Sara Langstaff 35.50
64 G Andrea Watson 36.20
65   Caroline Pearce 36.59
66 G Kerry  Coventry 37.49
67 G Jennie Burtsell 37.50
68   Juliet Morrice 38.12
69   Christine  Burn 38.15
70   Margaret Wikeley 38.17
71 G imogen Ward 38.36
72 G Alex Gill 38.53
73   Gillian Crane 39.22
74 G Marina Dobbs 39.58
75   Sarah  Goacher 40.28
76   Kimberli Werner 41.11
77   Sharon Keegan 41.38
78   Liz Stephenson 42.11
79   Alan Wikeley 42.50
80   Tracy Hayden 45.00
81   Jemma Cropper 51.27

Race Report 01/09/20

The Virtual race this week took the form of a challenge between Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers and Easingwold Running Club over the Sessay Swift 6k course.  The ingenious Rob decided it was safer for runners to go clockwise, facing the traffic, and this did mean that a slope you didn’t really notice running down it took on a bit more significance when you ran up it!  The club’s highest finisher, newly re-signed Josh Fothergill, came 4th in 22.18 with Josh Cooper 6th in 22.53 and Matt Jones 7th in 23.09.  Other counters in the top 10 for the team challenge were Paul Peacock, Joe Lofthouse, Peter Winder, Rob Burn, Jody Sygrove, Mike Lowther and Gary Wilkinson.  In the ladies’ competition, Esther Harrison was again highest finisher, 18th overall, 2nd lady in 24.50.  Trudy Morrice was second counter, in 26.00, neck and neck with Lorraine Hiles, 3rd in 26.05 and new member, Sarah Yeomans, 4th in 26.06.  Other team ladies to count were Fran Jeffery, Rosie Gatenby, Kirsty Naylor, Clare Tempest, Helen Ashworth and Hilary Coventry.  Owing in part to the strong performance of the ladies, Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers won the Marian and Ian Codling Team Challenge by 47 points.  All is set for a return fixture later in the year.

As a thankyou to the people of Sessay for the invasion of runners over the past week, cheques were handed over from the two running clubs involved to Sessay Cricket Club and Sessay Bowls Club.  Hopefully by next year, things will be more normal, and the Sessay Swift 6k will go ahead as usual on Wed Aug 18th 2021!

Full Race Results here

Race Report 25/08/20

Marc and Bev Davies were away on holiday during the time they could have done the club’s World Mountain Challenge in Kilburn Woods so they decided to do their own challenge in the form of climbing Points de Nantaux, a height of 2170 metres, above Morzine if France.  Very well done.  Marc also took on the KMV , a 1km vertical challenge normally held in September, where the fastest person up wins, and both these feats show he’s in a super fit state after a long lay off last year.  Bev meanwhile did her longest ever run, a half marathon distance, actually 13.8 miles, over a course which was definitely on the hilly side including 766 m of ascent, and took a commendable 2h 58 min.  The downside is that on returning from France, they will have to quarantine for a couple of weeks!

Gavin and Hilary Coventry also like their hills, and they covered 15 miles, 2290 feet of ascent, taking in Barkstone Edge, Knock Fell and Mallan Hill.

Next week’s virtual  race, quite flat and on road, will be a complete contrast for them.

Race Report 11/08

In normal circumstances, Harriers would be busy this week putting final touches to this year’s Sessay Swift 6k, which would have been its 9th running on Aug 19th.  Like most other events, coronavirus has forced the cancellation of what had become a very popular event.  The race evolved because, like climbing Everest (not as hard, maybe,) it’s there!  The circular route lends itself to a race, and the 6k happened because, just to go right round was longer than the usual 5k and shorter than 10k.  To have a 5k would have meant starting near the church if we were to finish at the Village Hall where facilities and parking were based.  6k was just the length it was, and there were several comments at the beginning about “Mickey Mouse” race!  Traffic is always very light, and police approval was gained, as well as Highways.  The first year, 2012, we had 66 finishers, the next year, 80 and then 109, and it has increased in popularity year on year so that last year there were 254 finishers.  A computer literate friend developed a system and sorted out the results for several years, but last year as the race was growing bigger, chip timing was introduced, which means that no matter where you start, you get the time it actually takes you to run.

Runners, right from the beginning, have come from a wide area, and the winner the first year, in a time of 19.48 minutes, was Aidan Adams of Leeds City, with Hester Cox of Thirsk and Sowerby being 1st lady in 25.07.  Winners in the men’s race have come from Richmond and Zetland, Billingham Marsh House, and Harrogate Harriers, and the winner last year, in a course record time of 18.22 minutes was John Ashcroft from Leeds City.  Winning ladies have been from Richmond and Zetland (Shona Fletcher two years running, 2013 and 2014, when she set a course record of 21.14), Ripon Runners who always send a big contingent, Saltaire Striders, Thirsk and Sowerby again in 2018 in the guise of Olivia Mulligan, and last year’s winner,  from Rotherham AC.

Helpers have generally come from friends and family, so that members who wanted to run were able to, though they provided invaluable help before and after the race with setting and clearing up, car parking, marking out the course, and any other jobs which needed doing.  When it became a Club Championship race, it was more important then ever that members could run if they wanted to, and about 35 of them did last year.  Sessay Cricket Club over the years has given a lot of help, with first Brian Flintoff and then his son John, keeping an overall eye, especially on car parking, which is a big issue at any race.  Last year, John suggested the cricketers put on a barbecue, which was hugely popular, and it was hoped it would be repeated  this year.  The Village Hall has made a superb headquarters, and thanks to their committee for making it available, and the tolerance and support of villagers has been very much appreciated.

Hopefully, in happier and more “normal” times, the race will be held on Aug 18th 2021, but if you want to have a run round this year, it will be marked out on the road from Aug 12th.  Help yourself!

Race Report 03/08

The latest virtual club championship race, the Kilburn 7.2, comprised elements of 2 previous courses so there was no danger of getting lost, and the tracks were mainly good going with testing ups and downs, as befits a “race ” at Kilburn!  Paul Peacock had his first win for the Harriers in a time of 46.38 with evergreen Stephan Tomaszewski 2nd in 47.39, just squeaking ahead of Matt Jones, 3rd in 47.41.  Another evergreen, Rob Burn, was 4th in 51.10 with David Fawkes 5th in 52.45, Mike Lowther 6th in 52.52, just ahead of Gary Wilkinson, 7th in 52.53.  Jack Fisher came 8th in 54.53, Rob Lickley 9th in 55.28 and Alan Simpson 10th in 55.44. 

The unbeatable Esther Harrison was again 1st finisher among the ladies, 4th overall in 50.31 with Lorraine Hiles 2nd, and 7th overall, in 51.57, Trudy Morrice 3rd, 12th overall, in 54.37, Rosie Gatenby 4th in 57.42, Clare Tempest 5th in 59.11, only a second in front of Kirsty Naylor, 6th in 59.12, Helen Ashworth 7th in 61.49, Faith Coy 8th in 66.05, Sarah Scott 9th in 66.08 and Sonja van der Westhuisen 10th in 66.13.  59 members and guests continued their enthusiasm for these virtual races, which could be done over 4 days.

Some disappointing but predictable news now – this year’s SESSAY SWIFT 6k, due to take place on August 19th, has had to to be cancelled along with thousands of others.  The decision was left as late as possible but there was really no alternative.  However, the course will be marked out as usual from Aug 12th, and you can have a freebie run round if you want to!  Be mindful of people who live in the village.

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

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