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2021 Championship – World Mountain Race

2021 Championship 

World Mountain Race Entry

To be held: Thurs 26th August to Sunday 29th August.
Where: Kilburn Woods
Distance: approx 5.6 miles

You must enter to run – Entries are open now and close at:
8pm on Thursday 22nd July

Enter World Mountain here

This is a two races for the price of one as it also takes the place of the Kilburn 7 and championship points are available.
There will be teams of up to 6 runners of all abilities and as equal as possible.
Rob Andy, Alison, & Christine will be picking out of a hat, Rob will name the teams.

 Anyone and everyone can run. You can also ask a friend but you must enter them on the link. Your friend may or may not be in your team. 

The course is almost the same as last year. The addition being to turn right before the thieves highway along to the White horse carpark, up the steps and turn left to return along the same route as last. Full route details later, but the marking out of the course will be done with chalk spray, blue on the way out, red on the way back and will be run on existing footpaths and bridle ways. Cycle tracks are strictly out of bounds.

All teams will be chosen before the end of July to give you time to get used to your team, to get know the route and also to help clear the occasional brier to help prevent injury.
 On the final day there will be a prize presentation and party get together so put the date in your diary now.

Training w/c 12/07/21

Harriers Weekly                                                           12th July 2021

Please make sure you check out race info after training for the latest….

This week’s training: Sowerby Gateway Track 6:50 start:
Monday 12th July :
Warm ups including light core work:
22 mins of 1 min easy/ 1 min brisk pace.  Cool down and stretches. 
Wednesday 7th July: 
Speed endurance:
2 sets of 3 x 4 mins @ 5k pace/ intensity / 1 min rolling recovery / 2 mins between sets.
In other words very similar to last week but the intervals are slightly longer however there fewer of them. Try and keep your efforts even and pace yourself to finish the session. Don’t worry about speed because as you get stronger and more confident this will improve. I expect everyone to encourage and to help each other along. Each and everyone of us requires a little help from time to time at whatever level we are at, on or off the track.  

Weekend long run:
80 minutes of continuous running on trail with 2 x 10 mins @ 10k pace. Equal distance apart.  

 As you now know we have moved the speed endurance sessions from Monday to Wednesday which is how they always used to be before Covid. It means we can now all train together and help one another. It also takes a little pressure off the coaches as they all enjoy this session too. This should be your hardest session of the week. It would help if during the recoveries you did a steady walk or jog. This help will keep the oxygen moving around your body easier. It also could help prevent injury as you set off again and it also has the benefit off increasing your mileage during the session. Your body will adjust, you just have to give it the chance. 

You really should be finding time to do at least one core/ weight session when not at harriers. If you need help with this then just ask us at training and we can put something together for you. 
Remember. Prepare the body, focus the mind. Trust in your training and believe in your self. Always.     Rob  

Forthcoming Races:
Important Date for your diary –  Thursday 26th to 29th August.
Virtual World Mountain Running Championships 
Kilburn woods. Approx 5.6 miles with a few up and downy bits.
Teams of 6 which will be pulled out of a hat, but this is also a club championship race so points are available. It takes the place of the Kilburn 7.
 Full details will follow in a separate email – you will need to enter before 20th July.   

HDSL (Harrogate District Summer League)
For those of you already signed up for the next race – Wetherby (Sicklinghall) on 21st July, you need to collect your number from Sharon or Duncan on the night.

 If you want to run any of the remaining races – see info on previous emails or go to the Harrogate League website which has all the info. 

Please also click below for some future races – and let me know if you want any others you are aware of added.
As you’ll see on the list, some Championship races are now ‘actual’ and the dates are coming up – so get booked- especially for the James Herriot!

Race List

And a few further thoughts from Rob:
When Christine and I were charged by the herd of elephants in South Africa, in the little time that we had, I was convinced I was going to die. I was having similar thoughts last night on the SGT during the 6th, 7th and 8th interval. It was a tough session for all those who took part. If you want to improve and to be the best you can be then you have to do these sessions. I’m sorry to say they don’t ever come any easier, it’s just that you become stronger and faster as the weeks and months go by. You can’t beat a little discipline in your training but we can now relax a little now that we all know what we are doing.    

When we first went into lockdown in March last year none of us knew what to expect or how long it was likely to last. Now we are almost coming out at the “other side” I can tell you that your club has provided during covid restrictions 28 virtual races, fifty plus training sessions, 12 time trials, four handicap races, one virtual notaparkrun, completed a full 12 week beginners course and during the same period we have changed our training venue to the Sowerby Gateway Track.  Quite a challenge but I think that you have to admit we have done pretty much ok.  Some clubs shut down totally during this time. Where will we be in six months time? 


Training w/c 21/06/21

Cleveland Relay 20th June.
Good luck everyone- and don’t forget we are suggesting a voluntary contribution of £5 to the Cleveland Mountain Rescue. The club has agreed to match all individual contributions, so this will be a significant boost for them.

And a couple of other up and coming…
A reminder about David’s 50th. Contributions to me at the end of the Cleveland Relays in Helmsley on Sunday evening, or training on Monday night or through my letterbox at 46 Topcliffe road Sowerby by Monday night please. Card will be at training Monday night to sign.
David will be presented with it Wednesday night at the start 6.50.
Thanks to all those who have contributed so far.

Sara Langstaff and Heather Bell are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by walking 26 miles up hill and down dale on 3rd July near Malham, talking part in the ‘Yorkshire Dales Mightly Hike’. Team of two named ‘Agony of De Feet’. Should anyone like to donate to the cause please see Heather or Sara at training or go to:

We have been contacted by Herriot Hospice to let us know some places are available on the GNR if anyone is interested: 
Due to cancellations and changes of circumstances, we now have x 6 Great North run places available which we need to fill by the 5th July!
We have added a Facebook post last night:  https://www.facebook.com/herriothospice/photos/a.265614190115629/4434145576595782 it would be great if you share it?
We’re asking for a £50 registration fee and for supporters to try and raise £300. All our participants will receive a branded t-shirt/vest, a certificate upon completion, plus refreshments at the end of the event along with plenty of support, help and tips from our fundraising team.
If anyone would be interested, please can they contact me on: lucy.turner@herriothh.org.uk
This week’s training Sowerby Gateway Track, 6:50 start:
Monday 21st June:  
Warm ups, light core work. Grass group.  3 x 5 mins  Strong running if you haven’t competed/ recovery paced run if did. / 2 mins recovery. I’m looking at doing it on trail to see if it works!! 
Wednesday 23rd June:
Warm ups, light core work. 20 to 22 mins of 400 metres/ 200 metres jog recovery.  Lets have some discipline and group up before each effort. Smooth, strong strides. 

Weekend long run:
70 to 80 mins on trail.  2 x 15 mins strong, smooth running in the middle, equal distance apart.

And a few further thoughts from Rob:
 Virtual club championship races.  
 If in the future you do not submit your race times by the end of play cut off time, you will not be included in the draw or get points in the championship. Adding them later causes frustration, extra work and also delays the time in which the results can be sent out. In future it’s going to be a little like parkrun . No barcode/submission, no result. 

  Over the last few virtual races 25% more club members are taking part than a year ago. This is mostly due to the recent increase of new members. Also interesting is that around 20 members who appeared on the results list last year are no longer to be seen. Are you bored, injured, can’t be bothered or just plain worn out. The future is now. Tomorrow may never come. Please give me a call and we can have a chat. 

To all you relay runners this weekend. When you are running well you don’t need good luck. You need a pair of wings and a tail wind. 
Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. Rob

Training w/c 14/06/21

Good luck if you are still to head out and run this week’s championship race.  Don’t forget to submit your time, details in the race email sent last week.

Cleveland Relay 20th June.
For those of you running, a gentle reminder that we are suggesting a voluntary contribution of £5 to the Cleveland Mountain Rescue. The club has agreed to match all individual contributions, so this will be a significant boost for them.

A big congrats to Phoebe Yates who has just been to train and play with Leeds Rhinos Netball team!

This week’s training Sowerby Gateway Track, 6:50 start:
Monday 14th June:  
Warm ups, light core work followed on grass; 3 x 4 mins@ relay pace intensity/ 2 min moving/jog recover. 
 On Monday nights there are two groups. Both groups have a similar warm up, core work routine so it doesn’t matter which group you attend. One group then goes onto the track and run short high intensity intervals. The other group stays on the grass and run longer, more sustained efforts. You can choose whichever group to fit in with your training. You choose the intensity that suits you. However, all leaders and coaches will try and encourage you to be the best you can be. 
Wednesday 16th June:
Warm ups, light core work followed by 20 to 22 mins of 30secs strides /30 secs rolling recovery. Nice and smooth and relaxed. There is a big race coming up and we all need to be fresh!! You will not compete at your best if you have tired legs and a tired mind. Have a smile and a chat as you go along. 
 On Wednesday nights there are two groups. A beginners group which has just completed week 9 of 12 and is progressing well. The rest of us all do the warm up and core work together. After which the group is split up into four speed ability groups and everyone carries out the run session. This is either on the track or on the grass depending group preference.  There is a speed and intensity to suit everyone. 

Weekend long run:
Do we have to? If you feel like it then fit in 60 to 75 mins as easy as you like. It’s not too bad once you get set off!!

Forthcoming Races:
Please see website for list of Championship Races
List attached of other races- please let me know of any up and coming that can be added

20th June 2021: Cleveland Way Relays 

Click for Race Diary list

And a few further thoughts from Rob:

Live the moment and don’t wish your life away!! However I do have to mention the fact that once again the World Mountain Running Championships will be held in Kilburn Woods this summer. Probably towards the end of August. The Kilburn 7 is not happening this year so maybe we could use this to fill the gap. Quite a few have said they would rather run Kilburn woods than the concrete road. Entries will not open until early/mid July, teams of 6 will be drawn out of the hat on speed ability as last year. Friends and guests allowed. The course will be similar to last year but this time we’ll run up the White Horse steps( you will not be disqualified if you crawl) and come down the angled path. Claire is already designing a unique, once in a life time tee shirt. ( please Claire!!) I do have a sponsor but could do with another one, please. All monies will be given back as prizes. Italy are strong favourites to retain the tittle. It is hoped that this year we could close the race early on the final day so we can have a little party and hand out prizes. This is a fun event and you will not need a passport. Watch this space. 

I ran my first relays in 1972, college and university relays in, up and around Bredon Hill in cider country. A bit like a fell race but on roads. Six legs of around 3 .5 mile each and we came in first. This qualified us for the national finals two weeks later. These were held on the tow path next to the River Thames and finished in front of the large glass house in Kew gardens. This time we were second.
 love relays because of the excitement, the fun, the fear, the competition and the fact that you are part of a team and not just running for your self. I’d also better mention the fact that we all like fish and chips too.
My advice to you would be to do as little warm up as possible because the occasion will have you all fired up and ready to go. Just be ready when your tag arrives.
Run with as little equipment as the weather will allow but have dry clothing, water and a bite to eat at both your start and finish points. You may be ok but you may have to wait for someone else so it’s best to cover both options. 
 Get to know your route inside out, well in advance. It is one thing less to worry about on the day. Two days before you run have a look at the map and split your leg into 3 or 4 sections and get them fresh in your mind and visualise how you are going to run. For most of us the race is going to be so far spread out we will be running alone which will allow you to run it how you want.. ie, just like a virtual race. Pick out sections where you can run hard, sections to run fast and bits where you may need to recover. Expect anyone to pass you at any time but try not to allow them to affect your pace. Leave the sprinting to those who run the final leg!
 Hydrate and eat just as normal as you would in any 10k race to coincide with your expected start time. Get to your start time well in advance and try and relax best you can. Chitchat will keep you posted of your change over time provided there is reception. 
 The race is over 16 legs. If each leg improves 10 seconds then that’s almost 3 minutes altogether. If we all knock off a minute then that’s almost the time it takes to run two mile. Just remember, if you are hurting the one who is trying to pass you will be hurting too.  Which ever leg you run every stride will count. 
You are all required to wear your club vest( because I said so!!).  Each change over person needs to see you coming. Run tall, run proud and show everyone who you are. 
Enjoy the day and don’t look at your watch until you cross the finish line. Each and everyone of you will be surprised how fast you have run. 

 Team photos and fish and chips at the finish. Rob

Training w/c 31/05/21

Good luck if you are still to head out and run this week’s championship race.  Don’t forget to submit your time, details in the race email sent last week.

A couple of weeks ago I gave you details of the additional kit with our club logo that is available (in addition to the official vests). The on line shop is now up and running and can be accessed at: 

Any purchases are made direct by you, not through Ken

This week’s training Sowerby Gateway Track, 6:50 start:
Monday 31st May:  
Bank Holiday. We’ve just had 15 months of on and off lockdown and you weren’t happy you couldn’t go anywhere. Now you can go somewhere, you can come to harriers. We are training on Monday night.  Depending on how many do or do not turn up the run session is:
8 x high intensity hill reps followed by 4 x 4 mins of strong running / 2 mins recovery.    We will adjust the before bit to suit. 

Wednesday 2nd June:
Warm ups and a little core work followed by 20 to 22 mins of alternating between 30 secs and 60 secs fast / 30 seconds recovery.  

Weekend long run:
60 to 75 mins on hills. 

Forthcoming Races:
List attached – pl let me know of any up and coming that can be added

20th June 2021: Cleveland Way Relays 
Those of you signed up should have received an email from Rosie & Tom with the allocated times and legs.

Click for Race Diary list

And a few further thoughts from Rob:
In just over three weeks time we take on some of the best running clubs in North Yorkshire in the Cleveland Way relays  (108 miles).  Over 50 of you have already put your name forward and teams are being put together at this very moment. Rosie and Tom ( sounds like the title of a book I read to the Grandkids!) are doing a brilliant job sorting it all out.  We are hoping to do well. ( very well!!)  You should now all be training together at the club training sessions to build up a little bit of team spirit. We are not just going to look at the scenery. Do you all have a club vest?
The worst thing about approaching your 68th birthday is that there is probably not much more than about 35 to 40 years of running left in the tank. The best bit about it is that you can tell everyone about all the wild and wonderful places that you’ve  run and all the fantastic people you have met. I could also tell you about all the blisters, the injuries, the aches and the tears ( there is always tears!!) but this is another story and is best left for another time. If you are spending a good deal of your time running on a treadmill or pounding the footpaths in the streets of Thirsk and Northallerton then now is the time to stop living your life like an Hamster and get out and run on the paths and trails in this beautiful countryside in which we live.  We now have our very own way markers out on the Cleveland Way/ Sutton Bank. This time I’m hoping they are here to stay.  Take your children and  grandchildren and show them where you run. There are/should be seven in total. See if you can find them all again. 
Run tall, run proud and go like the wind. Love to you all, Rob 
And wear your club vests.

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