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Training w/c 2nd November

Monday 2nd November . 6.55pm Sowerby Gateway.
Last week we started a new rehab group for those who need a little help to get back into regular exercise. We now have three groups so when you arrive make sure you get in the correct one. It’s a perfect time to start because it’s dark and everyone looks the same so there is no need to be embarrassed , it doesn’t even matter what you wear. Just turn up and join in but please register first before you walk onto the field. ( On the slope just before the track.) 
30 mins warm ups .  The last two weeks have been good for core work so we’re putting in big sessions while we can. You should be feeling stronger.
Run.   8 x 2 mins/ 1 min rolling recovery. Between interval 4 and 5 only 30 secs recovery. 

Wednesday 4th November. 6.55pm. Sowerby Gateway.
20 to 30 mins warm ups and core work .
3 to 4 laps. 200, 300, 400 @ 5k pace with only 40 secs recovery. Groups of no more than 5 of roughly equal ability. The team leader to go last you will need to wear a watch. This is a tough one.

Club Championship race. Virtual Guy Fawkes 10.
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th November.

We are running it on the same course as the Virtual Ripon 10.   See the attached details and read them carefully. 
This is the last long run of the year and it’s a repeat of the one you enjoyed the most. Run one lap to the left, one lap to the right and finish by running the last mile up and down from the Cleveland way and back. You do not run this section first. 
 Even though we are “running” virtual races I still have to carry out a visual risk assessments on all the races. I usually run them a couple of times first and if I’m a little unsure I’ll ask one or two other club members to run them too. If we feel they are unsafe then we don’t run them. The Guy Fawkes 10 will have quite a few muddy sections so don’t be too surprised if you have a fall. You will need some kind of trail shoe to help keep you upright. I notice one or two of you are running in the dark and at night. I like your sense of adventure. All I ask is please don’t run on your own because this one is a tough one. 

 See you all soon, Rob 

Here’s the course details:

Race Report 27/10/20

The virtual Whixley 10k, actually about 7 miles, was once again set up by Rob Burn, with superb maps and photographs supplied by Marc Davies to clarify the route for anyone who was uncertain.  You could choose any of 4 days to run, and those who ran on Sunday had glorious weather if they had time to look at the beautiful views from Sutton Bank along the Cleveland Way, though they had to cope with extra water on the course after the non-stop rain on Saturday.  On other days, you could have got very wet indeed!  Once more there was a good turnout, with 62 members and guests completing the course, and once again, Tom Levi was the fastest finisher, taking 48.00 minutes.  In 2nd place was Matt Jones in 48.50 with Josh Fothergill 3rd in 49.44, Stephan Tomaszewski 4th in 50.08, Rob Burn 5th in 55.41, the improving Gary Wilkinson 6th in 55.48, Alan Simpson 7th in 55.48, Jody Sygrove 8th in 57.40, Brett Edgeworth 9th in 58.32 and David Tervitt 10th in 59.21.  Other men taking part were Andy Butcher, Rob Lickley, Paul Chapman, Adrian Saunders, Marc Davies, Martyn Coy, Duncan Fothergill, Pedro Carrasco, Dave Baker, Geoff Bullock, Steve Billings, Ken Evitt, Paul Van Der Westhuisen, James Stephenson, Paul Adams, Alan Wikeley, Paul Goacher, and Ian Codling.
The ladies also had the usual winner, the consistent Esther Harrison, who took 53.15 minutes.  Trudy Morrice, also running well, came 2nd in 55.02, with Lorraine Hiles 3rd in 57.06, Louise Mayfield 4th in 61.55, Clare Tempest 5th in 62,35, Helen Ashworth 6th in 63.46, Kirsty Naylor 7th in 66.42, Faith Coy 8th in 69.12, Jill Libby 9th in 69.52 and Lindsay Goom 10th in 70.07.  Others involved were Trish Radford, Jo Hunt, Sonja Van Der Westhuisen, Alison Butcher, Bev Davies, Margaret Wikeley, Christine Burn, Kimberli Werner, Rosie Gatenby, Sharon Keegan, Liz Stephenson, Sarah Goacher, Sara Langstaff, Heather Bell and Molly Kirkhope,  Well done, everyone!
If you thought running 7 miles along the Cleveland Way in the rain with 45 mph winds was hard, imagine completing the 55 mile Hardmoors race with 2000 feet of ascent along there from Guisborough to Helmsley,  which is what Paul Peacock, David Fawkes and Mike Lowther achieved on Saturday.  Paul took 10.52.35, David 11.29.41 and Mike 13.01.30.  Tracey Lowther completed 33.56 miles in 10.14, just missing the 10 hour cut-off point for that stage and Phillip Craig reached 31.4 miles in 10.16.19.  A fantastic effort for all of them.

Training w/c 26th October

Thursday 22nd October to Sunday 25th October.
The virtual Whixley10k. Sutton Bank to Snek Yate and back. Don’t let me down now! Time to plan when you’re going to get out there and just do it. Wrap up and put your trail shoes on. Open to members, guests and friends.  The prize draw will take place early Monday so make sure you are in it.

Monday 26th October. 7pm Sowerby Gateway.
Head torch and warm clothing) 30 mins warm up and core work. Intervals.  4 x 4 minutes @ 10k pace/  1 minute rolling rec.  
This week there will be three training groups. There are now too many people for two. Please go to your appointed group as soon as you arrive.
Coaches will be starting warms ups at 5 to 7 from now on. This will increase your stamina levels but it will also help prevent  small groups gathering and getting too close to each other. Let’s stay safe at all times. 

Wednesday 28th October. 7pm Sowerby Gateway.
Monthly time trial . We can still do a full warm up and core routine. It will not affect your time trial time result. You do not have to run the time trial at SGT but if you do the rules are always the same to make everyone equal. 3.2 laps on red which is to the left of the white line!! I am convinced that at least half of you are colour blind!! The rest of you can run a 2 mile distance anywhere you like on the Wednesday. Please send your times in to Duncan who will save your times which in turn will be used for future handicap events.  

 Weekend long run .   
75 to 80 minutes. Smooth and relaxed.

Next Champ Race –  in a couple of weeks is the virtual Guy Fawkes 10.(miles)

New/Beginners:I have been thinking that maybe now is the time to start a beginners/ new to running/ recovering from injury type group. Is there anyone out there that might be interested? I know there are people wanting help and perhaps now is the time to try and help them! Please contact me if this may help you.
I have never used age as an excuse for not doing anything my whole life. If I can do it then I just do it. This past year I have trained equally as hard as at any other time and to be truthful I have enjoyed it equally as much too. Age should never be used to limit what you can achieve. You just need to be a little more patient, equally as positive and believe as long as you keep doing things right then eventually the results of your endeavours will follow. I do get a big thrill out of beating someone half my age but I have to admit it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. 

A few days ago I spent a rainy day search at the Antrim Half Marathon road race results held a month or so ago. I noticed something which I thought was worth a mention. A world record was broken. Tommy Hughes. M60 ran 71.09. If you do a few quick calculations it is possible for him to run a 16 minute 5k, a 33 minute 10k and if he puts his mind to it he could possibly run a 2 .30 marathon. ( 60 years old remember.) His age adjusted time was 2 minutes faster than Mo Farah who won the race. All I can think about is the intensity that he has to train at to achieve these times. I will do a google search one day and have a look at his profile. Meanwhile I can just dream and think of years past. Sadly, lots of them! 

Race Report 20th October

There was a real turnaround at the Club’s recent virtual AGM on zoom, with Duncan Fothergill standing down from the committee after an eventful statutory 3 years as club chairman, and thanks were expressed to him for his hard work in the job.  Helen Ashworth will take over, the first female chair in the club’s more than 40 year history, with Hilary Coventry as her vice chair and we wish them both good luck in the job.  Other new members are Tom Levi, new Men’s Captain, and Rosie Gatenby, Women’s Captain, both well able to bring success to their roles, with Adrian Saunders, Matt Jones Jody Sygrove and Andy Butcher bringing in more fresh blood, and Gemma Cropper a co-opted member.  Rob Burn continues as the ever enthusiastic head coach, with Trish Radford and Tracy Hayden continuing to share the job of secretary.  The remaining committee members are Geoff Bullock, Liz Wordsworth and Sharon Keegan.  Nigel Morgan stands down after many years of loyal service, and no doubt will continue to help with coaching, and other standing down are Ken Wood, Olivia Mulligan and Drikus van der Westhuisen, to whom thanks were expressed.
Looking back on the year, one could safely say it was one of the strangest in the club’s, or anyone else’s for that matter, history, and one not to be repeated, we hope, though that is by no means certain.  One highlight, maybe the only one, was that the Thirsk 10 was able to be held in March with almost 1000 finishers, probably one of the last big events of the year before lockdown, and just scraping in by the skin of its teeth!  The Sessay Swift 6k, usually held in August, was not so fortunate, but a virtual competition was held over the course between TSH and Easingwold Running Club for the Marian and Ian Codling Shield, with 10 runners from each team to count.  Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers were the worthy winners. 
After only 3 real events able to be held in this year’s club championship, Rob Burn has cleverly designed a Virtual Championship, with huge numbers of members taking part each time, self timing and able to run a prescribed course, once lockdown had been eased, over any of 4 days.  Before that, it was self measuring and self timing anywhere within your locality.  Ian Codling has the task of working out the age adjusted times for each person, with points awarded on that basis.  There was a team event, the Kilburn “World Mountain” race, described as the ultimate summer challenge, with 15 teams of 6 completing this challenging course, and prizes donated by a local sponsor.  Monthly time trials have continued, self timed, with a Club Handicap each term, again self timed, and the Easter Handicap raised over £1000 for the Community Works food bank.  One real bonus of the year has been the opening of the track at Sowerby Gateway and the club and its members have made full use of this superb facility, both on club nights and at other times.
All in all, as successful a year as it could possibly be, and runners are thankful to be able to run as a chance to relieve pressure!

Race Report 13/10/20

At this time of year, the Club would normally be having two hard sessions a week in Thirsk School gym or sports hall, but sadly these days, such things are not possible and outside sessions have to suffice.  This is fine on a dry evening, but less attractive if it’s cold and wet!  Nevertheless, members get together in a socially distanced way within the rules at Sowerby Gateway, where there is masses of room for core exercises, (if you can face the wet grass,) and running on the superb, illuminated, track with a head torch, and a hard session is possible.  Longer distances are run at other times, with people training for, say, a virtual York Marathon or even just a 10k run.  Park runs are badly missed, and though there was a possibility some might start up again by the end of this month, that now seems to have been ruled out. 
The club’s Virtual Championship has been a huge success with a massive take up of members, many more so than would have entered the equivalent local race which would require paid pre entry several weeks in advance.  With the virtual runs, you simply turn up and do it, record your own time and send it in.  What could be easier?
Visitor of all ages over 11 and abilities are welcome to come and give us a try.  Just turn up on a Wed or Mon at 7 pm at Sowerby Gateway and make yourself known.  Details of all activities can, of course, be found on the club website.

Thirsk 10 - 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

Click here for results

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