Club Constitution


  1. Name:


The name of the Club shall be “Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers.”  Here in after referred to as “the club”


  1. Club premises


The clubs headquarters will be Thirsk Athetics Club, Newsham Road, Thirsk


  1. Aim of the club:


The aim of the club is to promote athletic competition in Road, Fell, Trail and Cross Country Races at all levels of ability.


In order to meet these objectives the club will attempt to:-


(a)     Encourage all members to participate in training sessions and social events.

(b)     To take part in competitive events.

(c)      To take due regard of the differing levels of ability in the club.


  1. Equal      Opportunities


The club is an equal opportunities organisation. It is the policy of the club to promote equal opportunities for all people regardless of their ability, disability, race, nationality, colour, ethnicity or creed. The club shall not knowingly act in any way that is an infringement of a members human rights.


  1. Child      Protection Officer


Complaints on child protection matters will be deal with by the clubs child protection officer and reported to the committee.


  1. Management      of the club


The management and conduct of the club’s activities shall be in the hands of the General Committee.


6.1    The general committee will meet, if possible, once a month or according to the needs of the club. The Secretary will give at least seven days notice of a general committee meeting, with an agenda of the matters to be raised at the meeting. The agenda shall be posted on the club notice board and on the club’s website.

6.2    It is the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure that minutes of any general committee meeting are distributed to all members of the general committee and other co-opted members attending a specific meeting, within seven days of the meeting.

6.3    The general committee will consist of the following posts:



Vice Chair



Publicity Secretary

Club Coach

Club captain – men

Club captain – women

5 Club Members elected at AGM


6.4    For any committee decision to be binding each meeting must have a quorum of five (5) members

6.5    The chairman will take the chair at Committee meetings. In the absence of the chairman, the vice chairman will chair the meeting. In the absence of both the chair and vice chair, the committee will nominate a person to chair the meeting.

6.6    The general committee is empowered to:

6.6.1           Deal with any matters not covered by the constitution and rules

6.6.2           Fill any committee vacancies which may arise until the next annual general meeting

6.6.3           Co-opt to the general meeting other club members where their special knowledge or participation on a particular club activity makes this necessary at the specific meeting concerned. The co-opted members are not required at all future meetings. The co-opted members do not have a vote.

6.6.4           Appoint sub committees to deal separately with specific matters requiring detailed attention. It is the duty of the sub committees to report back to the Committee. Sub committees can make suggestions and proposals but can not make binding decisions until agreed by the Committee at the committee meeting.

6.6.5           Agree all charges for members.

6.7    The four principal officers of the club – chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer to be empowered to make a decision on any matter they consider needs an immediate decision, prior to the next committee meeting, to ensure the continued running of the club, with three out of the four officers agreeing such action. The committee to be advised of any such matters at the next committee meeting.



  1. Annual      General Meeting


7.1    The annual general meeting (AGM) will be held during October each year, the date to be fixed by the committee and advised to all club members at least 30 days prior to the meeting. A copy of the minutes of the previous AGM, the secretary’s report and treasurers report for the year ended September of the previous year are to be enclosed with the notice convening the meeting. The notice will be sent out together with a provisional agenda, with an invitation to members to submit any additional nominations for committee posts in writing at least 21 days before the date of the annual general meeting. All nominations to be proposed and seconded by bona fide members of the club and signed by the nominee. The date for the return of nominations will be stated within the notice.

7.2    Notice of forthcoming AGM will be posted on the notice board at the clubs head office and on the clubs website.

7.3    The provisional agenda for the annual general meeting will accompany the notice convening the meeting and will indicate which of the committee members will be happy to continue in office and where any vacancies may exist.

7.4    In the event that there is more than one nomination for an elected post on the Committee and/or an additional motion to be placed on the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting, which has been duly received in writing by the Secretary, the Secretary will ensure that the additions to the previously published Agenda will be displayed on the notice board and on the Club Web Site.  An amended Agenda will not be sent to members.

7.5    The Notice of the AGM should also indicate that if additional nominations and motions are received they will be displayed on the club’s Notice Board and web site.  Members should be aware of where they will find the information.

7.6    If there is more than one nomination for an elected post on the Committee it is not considered necessary to have the Nominees state why they should be nominated.  All nominations should include the names of the proposer and seconder and forwared to the secretary.

7.7    A minimum of 10 members entitled to vote are required to form a quorum

7.8    The formal business of the AGM will be to adhere to the Agenda as follows:

7.8.1           Chairman’s Opening Remarks

7.8.2           To agree the Minutes of the Previous AGM

7.8.3           Matters Arising from those Minutes

7.8.4           Receive and adopt the Secretary’s Report

7.8.5           Receive the Treasurer’s Report and approve the Audited Accounts, and note any changes to Subscriptions.

7.8.6           Elect the Committee Members (list present incumbents/vacancies)

7.8.7           Approve Any Changes to Constitution & Rules.

7.8.8           (All other issues determined by a simple majority)

7.8.9           Confirmation of Life Members (if applicable)

7.8.10       Transact such other business contained in the Notice convening the meeting.

7.9    Only First Claim Members aged 18 years plus may vote at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Voting at an AGM or EGM shall be by use of voting papers. A voting paper will be issued when the member signs in. 

7.10A voting paper will be forwarded to all members together with the documentation being sent out.  The votes then to be counted on the night of the AGM.

7.11Voting by proxy is not allowed (the definition of “proxy” is that someone else votes on behalf of another person unable to attend).

7.12The Chairman of the AGM / EGM is not allowed to vote unless there is a tie, then the Chairman has the casting vote.


  1. Extraordinary      General Meeting (EGM)


An Extraordinary General Meeting must be convened by the Secretary within 21 days of receipt of a request in writing of a minimum of 10 members, entitled to vote, stating the reason for which the meeting is to be convened, or if instructed to do so by the Committee.


8.1    At least 14 days notice of the date of the EGM must be given to club members, specifying the business to be discussed.  Only the Notice of the EGM should be displayed prominently on the Club’s Notice Board and web site.

8.2    A minimum of 10 members entitled to vote must be present to form a quorum.  The majority required to pass the resolution shall be stated in the Notice convening the meeting. (The majority being determined as in 7.8 already stated).


  1. Club      Finances


9.1    The Treasurer will have the responsibility for controlling the income and expenditure and future budgeting of the Club.  At each Committee Meeting the Treasurer shall advise the meeting of the current financial situation.  If the Treasurer is unable to be present, then a written report should be made available for the members of the committee.

9.2    Banking arrangements can only be changed by agreement of the Committee.

9.3    Cheques issued by the Club must be signed by two of the following three persons: The Treasurer, Secretary and the Chairman.

9.4    All other income (e.g. subscriptions, coach fare receipts, sale of kit, profits from draws and raffles) must be passed to the Treasurer or paid into the Club accounts at the earliest opportunity following receipt.

9.5    The Club’s financial year shall run from 1st October to 31st September, for accounting purposes.  The Treasurer shall organise a stock taking and valuation exercise of all the Club’s assets to be undertaken on or as near as possible to 31st September each year. As soon as possible after the end of the financial year, and before 31st December, at the next Committee Meeting the Treasurer should present a copy of the un-audited accounts for the previous financial year together with a budgetary estimate of expenditure for the coming year.

9.6    An audited set of accounts must be prepared by the Treasurer and presented at the time of the AGM.  These accounts should be audited by competent person/s independent from the Club.  These arrangements shall be determined by the Treasurer and approved by the Committee or if necessary, auditors for the ensuing year can be elected at the AGM

9.7    Members shall be indemnified out of Club assets only for liabilities properly incurred on behalf of the club.

9.8    Expenditure on behalf of the Club for items less than £250 shall not be entered into unless approved by the Treasurer, or the Secretary and Chairman together, or agreed at a Committee Meeting. 

9.9    Exceptional expenditure in excess of £250 outside of agreed budgets must be authorised by at least three of the principal officers of the Committee and the Committee to be advised of the same at the next meeting.



  1. Subscriptions      and membership


10.1Any person who is 18 years or over, who are deemed amateurs as defined by uk Athletics

10.2Membership Applications must be made on the Club’s Membership Application Form and  forwarded to the  Membership Secretary. Applicants must sign the form in the appropriate place stating they accept the Club rules.

10.3Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers will be known as the ‘First Claim Club’ to those members joining the club as their first club. Membership is available to Second Claim Members may join the club for social, training, or other reasons. Second Claim Members can only represent the club in competitions that specifically state that the competition is open to Second Claim Members ( UK Athletics Rule 3 (1) Club Membership.

10.4 Persons being between 11 and 17, should be accompanied to the club by a parent or CRB and VBS cleared adult. The welfare of the individual will then pass over to the coach during training and until such a time as the individual is collected by the parent or CRB and VBS cleared adult.

10.5Membership is open to all irrespective of ability, sex or ethnic origin, provided that the applicant is at least 11 years of age and there are no objections on the grounds of any misconduct.


The categories and conditions of membership are as follows:

Life Members

This is an honour awarded by the Club for meritorious service to the Club or. Life Membership is at the General Committee’s discretion.  The confirmation of this award will be at an AGM.  There will be no formal obligation for Life Members to pay annual subscriptions.


First Claim Active Membership

This is the main category of membership for those wishing to belong to the club.  It is the only category for any athlete wishing to compete for the Club under the UKA First Claim Rule.


First Claim Honorary Membership

Non competing members who wish to have an involvement in Club affairs. Such members will be entitled to vote at an AGM/EGM


Family Membership

For all members of a family group, a single combined subscription may be applicable, with each individual within the family group being granted one of the above categories of membership.


Second Claim Active Membership

Athletes may become Second Claim Members. Second Claim may not vote at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.  This however does not mean they are not entitled to attend either.


An up to date list of members’ names and current addresses, telephone numbers and category of membership shall be retained by the Secretary.  The distribution of this list must be approved by the Committee.  The Membership List is covered by the Data Protection Act.


10.6An up to date list of members’ names and current addresses, telephone numbers and category of membership shall be retained by the Secretary.  The distribution of this list must be approved by the Committee.  The Membership List is covered by the Data Protection Act.

10.7Notice of resignation must be in writing to the Secretary who must consider the resignation with one other officer of the Committee.  For that resignation to be confirmed any outstanding subscriptions must be paid.  Failure to do so could delay the effective date of resignation.

10.8Any person caught bringing the club into disrepute will immediately be suspended from the club pending an investigation.  The Chairman, Secretary and one other officer of the Club can call for the immediate suspension of an athlete.

10.9Any person guilty of conduct liable to bring the name of the Club into disrepute or guilty of an offence against another Club member will render themselves liable to either suspension or expulsion from the Club.  Normally a written warning by the Chairman and Secretary will be given to the member regarding their conduct.  An immediate suspension from the club may be imposed in cases of serious misconduct.  For all other cases of such persistent misconduct, voting at a Committee Meeting by a majority of the members present are required before a member of the club can be suspended or called upon to resign. 

10.10                   The member concerned may appeal against any decision as allowed in the National Governing Body for Athletic Rules.

10.11                   A member who is more than one year in arrears with paying subscriptions due shall forfeit the right to vote at Meetings.

10.12                   A member who is more than two years in arrears with paying subscriptions due shall be considered to have lapsed their membership of the Club.



  1. The      club’s official website


11.1The Club has an official web site which is accessible to viewers from all over the world, therefore this site is to be used for club matters only.  The person/persons responsible for the placing of information on the web site to make the appropriate checks that the information is correct.  If there is a doubt that this is so, then the matter should be brought to the attention of the Chairman and the Secretary, before placing the information on the club web site.  It is left to the person/persons placing the data on the web site’s own integrity and judgement in these matters in accordance with the data protection act.



  1. Dissolution      of the club


12.1The Club can only be dissolved through a Resolution called for that purpose at either the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called specifically for that purpose.  If the Resolution is passed a further EGM must be convened at least one month after the meeting.  At a date agreed when dissolution is finalised the General Committee shall dispose of any property and other assets and discharge the Club’s liabilities up to the financial limit of the Club’s assets at the date of dissolution.  Any balance outstanding will be donated to one or more Community Amateur Sports Clubs, registered Charities or the Sports Governing Body, as agreed at the Dissolution Meeting whereupon dissolution will be considered complete.



  1. The      constitution and rules


13.1A copy of the Constitution and Rules shall be given to every member of the General Committee.  A copy shall be kept in the Club Room at all times and available for any member to see and it will be available on the Club’s web site.  Any member can request a hard copy of the Constitution and Rules from the General Secretary.

13.2Any amendment to the Constitution and Rules will be through a Resolution at the Annual General Meeting or at a specifically convened Extraordinary General Meeting.



ADOPTION:        This Constitution was adopted by Thirsk & Sowerby Athletic Club at the Meeting dated ……………………………. 2009.


Save the date: 13th March, 2022

2022 Thirsk 10


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